Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S Pages Updated

Need a refresher on the features of the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S? To make it easy to absorb the information you are looking for, Microsoft has updated both the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S pages. It is worth dropping by if you haven’t for a while, especially if you have fallen behind on some of the recent updates.

Check out the Updated Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S Pages

Here is the Xbox Series X updated page, and here is the one for Xbox Series S. The majority of the information on both of these pages will probably be familiar to you if you have been following updates. But you can jump back and forth between them for an easy comparison on the features. Unsurprisingly, there is a focus on backwards compatibility. You also can read up on pre-ordering that will begin on September 22nd.

The release date for the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S will be November 10th. You can pay $299 for the compact Xbox Series S, which does not include an optical drive. If you prefer the full version with the optical drive, you can buy the Xbox Series X for $499. Even the full version should be within most gamers’ budgets. But for those who may struggle to afford $499, $200 off to get a digital-only compact version is an amazing opportunity.

There have been numerous updates on both versions of the next gen Xbox console lately. And while Sony is lagging behind on updating gamers about the PS5, there has been a fair amount of news about the PS5 as well. We expect plenty more announcements over the weeks ahead of us. So, check back in with us again soon to find out more about what awaits us as we enter a brand new era of console gaming.