How Fire Emblem: Three Houses Voice Actors Are Engaging With Fans

Fire Emblem: Three Houses has taken the gaming world by storm as the series has finally made its return to home consoles. For the first time in a decade, fans can enjoy engaging in tactical combat and building support ranks on their couches, and the results couldn’t be any better. With stellar reviews across the board, Three Houses has certainly found its audience. Even as stellar as the game is though, some of the title’s finest moments have occurred outside the digital world.

The Recess Bell Has Rung

Voice actors breath life into games and media, and it’s thanks to them that we get characters that are so easy to fall in love with. Sure, the writing must be strong as well, but without actors, those words would be nothing but ink on a page. Fire Emblem: Three Houses’ voice actors have relished this intimate relationship with their work, as a couple have taken their zeal outside of the game’s realm.

Claude and Seteth Bask In The Limelight

Prior to the game’s release the voice actor for Claude von Riegan, Joe Zieja took to YouTube to win fans over. As you may well know, Three Houses is centered around one central choice: Which house will you choose to lead in the classroom and battlefield? It was a difficult choice for many to make, and Zieja capitalized on this perfectly.

Joe Zieja Voices Claude Von Riegan

On his personal channel, the actor of the Golden Deer house leader posted a video trying to sway fans to the side of the Leicester Alliance. He did so with all the charm and wit one would expect from such a charismatic character and was actually able to tip fans over to his side of the fence. It was a tough proposition to decline, even for those whose hearts belonged to the other factions already. Following the game’s release, Zieja continued the engagement with fans by posting a video thanking them for their support. He even threw in a few flips for flair.

But Zieja hasn’t been the only one to jump into the fray of this fanatic fandom. The voice actor for skeptical church authority Seteth has taken to Twitter to bring his distinct voice to various memes. Mark Whitten saw fans dragging Seteth for his mundane or seemingly random and bizarre quest opportunities on social media and knew exactly what to do. As more and more fans tweet parodied Seteth quests, Whitten has posted a few videos presenting the gags as Seteth himself. The results have been irresistibly hilarious.

It’s always fun seeing those involved in a game’s creation in some form or another interact with the fanbase. Zieja and Whitten have each very much enjoyed the love they’ve received from fans, so don’t be surprised to see even more shenanigans in the future.