The World of Fire Emblem: Three Houses: The Leicester Alliance

The world of Fire Emblem: Three Houses is an interesting one for so many reasons. The unknown element is only one small part of that interest, as it is actually the small details that are known which drum up the most intrigue. Of said details, fans are well aware of the three kingdoms prevalent in the land of Fódlan. However, they may not be as familiar with the specifics regarding the Leicester Alliance.

The Leicester Alliance’s New Vision

The Leicester Alliance Rules Eastern Fodlan

Where the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus and the Adrestian Empire resemble fairly standard monarchies, the Leicester Alliance brings something new to the table. While not an idea completely foreign to the history books, the Alliance is not ruled over by any one ruler. Instead, the Leicester Alliance consists of multiple royal families willingly lead by one: The Riegans.

This premise is quite fascinating as it deviates significantly from the two other kingdoms. Where the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus emulates a more standard monarchy, the Alliance deliberately chooses a different path. Where the Adrestian Empire carries the legacy of a thousand-year dynasty, those following the Riegans began a new one.

The Heir to the Riegan Family Name

Claude Leads The Golden Deer In Three Houses

It would appear as though Claude von Riegan is- for now- a fairly unknown entity. His easy-going personality and charismatic demeanor make him a natural leader. This is an important quality as well considering Claude is the leader of the Golden Deer at the Officer’s Academy. The Golden Deer are one of the titular three houses featured in the game, and a scrappy one at that.

What sets the Golden Deer apart from the other houses is their rank and file. While the other houses primarily consist of children from regal families, the Golden Deer are made up of commoners. This likely stems from the lack of a monarchy in the Leicester Alliance. This factor also indicates that Claude is indeed someone who can inspire even the most normal people.

Wielding bows in favor of more traditionally knightly weapons goes to show just how different the lords of the east are. While the Blue Lions and Black Eagles stick to lances and axes primarily, it’s fairly clear where the ranged power will come from. While Three Houses’ July 26 release date fast approaches consider whether the Leicester Alliance is the kingdom for you. Until then expect more updates as further details are revealed during E3.