Total War Saga: Troy Amazons DLC is Now Available for Free

Amazons, the first ever DLC for Total War Saga: Troy, is now available for players to download on the Epic Games Store. However, and much more importantly, players can actually get the DLC for free if they complete a few simple steps. The free offer is only available for two weeks, so players will need to act sooner rather than later.

How to Get Troy’s Amazons DLC for Free

The Total War Saga: Troy Amazons DLC is the game’s first-ever expansion since its release last month. It brings two new playable Amazon factions to the game, led by Hippolyta and Penthesilea, respectively. The Amazons feature an entirely different horde-based style of play, as well as a completely new roster of all-female units. Unlike the standard factions in Troy, the Amazons make widespread use of cavalry, lending them a notably different playstyle in battle.

Total War Saga Troy Amazons DLC Now Available 2

The Amazons DLC is now available to download from the Epic Games Store – of course, since Troy is exclusive to the Epic Games Store until summer 2021, it isn’t available on Steam. However, if players have a Total War Access account and merge that account with their Epic Games Store account, then can get a code which will allow them to download the Amazons DLC for free. This is a very simple process. If you don’t have a Total War Access account yet, don’t worry; it’s completely free. In the past, Creative Assembly have used Access as a way to release free wallpapers, trailer music, and – very occasionally – DLC.

Players can take advantage of this free offer until the 8th of October. So long as you download the DLC before that date, you’ll be able to keep it for free. Note that you don’t actually need to redeem the free code until the 5th of November, however, provided that you acquire it before the 8th. After that, or if you don’t take advantage of the offer, the Amazons DLC will cost you £7.99 / $9.99.