How to Unlock the New Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Kali Sticks

Following the addition of two new firearms at the start of Modern Warfare Season 4, Infinity Ward has now brought a third new weapon to the game, although this time, it’s a melee weapon. Modern Warfare’s new Kali Sticks – a pair of brutal close-combat batons – are now available to unlock and use in both multiplayer and Warzone.

The New Modern Warfare Kali Sticks

Unlocking the new Kali Sticks in Modern Warfare is relatively easy. Unlike the first two new weapons in Season 4, the Kali Sticks aren’t part of the Battle Pass. Instead, you need to complete an in-game challenge. Specifically, you need to use the Knife to score 3 kills while sliding… in 15 different matches. It’s certainly not the simplest challenge, but it’s also a good chance to practice your melee skills. Once you complete this challenge, you’ll be able to use the Kali Sticks in Modern Warfare multiplayer and Warzone alike.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Kali Sticks How to Unlock 2

“Dual wielding batons allow operators to approach their targets with great agility,” writes Infinity Ward; “Sturdy, lightweight design enables rapid attacks for zoning your enemies”. The Kali Sticks function almost identically to a standard Knife. However, the sticks’ lunge is a bit longer than that of the knife. To offset this, their lethal strike takes very slightly longer to deliver. As such, players well-accustomed to the Knife will need to adjust their reflexes a little bit to allow for these slight variations.

If you don’t fancy slide-killing 3 enemies with the Knife in 15 different matches, there is another way to unlock the Kali Sticks; the “Dragon Turtle” store bundle. This bundle contains the “Ram Jam” blueprint for a pair of sticks which are very similar to the Kali Sticks. If you want to experiment with the sticks before you unlock the normal ones, this might be a useful purchase. Of course, if you want to unlock the Kali Sticks’ Camo Challenges, you’ll still need to unlock the weapon via the challenge route.