Uplinks & Other New Features in Battlefield 2042 Hazard Zone

Hazard Zone, the battle royale game mode in the upcoming Battlefield 2042, will include a wide range of new features which weren’t part of Battlefield’s last foray into battle royale; Battlefield V’s Firestorm. These include the Dark Market, specialised Uplinks, and Data Drives.

Battlefield 2042 Hazard Zone: New Features & Mechanics

In Battlefield 2042’s Hazard Zone, 128 players are dropped into a single colossal map, wherein they must fight for supremacy while also claiming Data Drives. This is the first distinct mechanic which sets Hazard Zone apart. Eliminating other squads is not actually the primary objective; rather, the mission is to retrieve as many Data Drives as possible and extract with them alive. These Drives will be guarded by Occupying Forces (AI enemies), to make them even harder to claim.

Battlefield 2042 Hazard Zone Features Mechanics Uplinks 2

Another key part of Hazard Zone are Uplinks. Players will be able to find these collectable items throughout the map and they can provide a range of different benefits. Appearing as laptop-like devices, there are three types of Uplink available; Ranger Uplinks, Reinforcement Uplinks, and Vehicle Uplinks. The latter allows players to call in a vehicle, as the name implies. Reinforcement Uplinks, meanwhile, serve as Hazard Zone’s respawn system. Usable at any time after you pick one up, a Reinforcement Uplink will revive all dead members of your squad after a short delay.

The more Data Drives players gather in Hazard Zone, the more rewards they earn, and these come in two forms; XP and Dark Market Credits. The Dark Market is a key part of Battlefield 2042 more widely, but also Hazard Zone specifically. Players can spend their Credits to unlock new weapon loadouts, Tactical Upgrades, and more. Of course, a player’s loadout is also heavily defined by their choice of Specialist; Battlefield 2042’s playable characters who feature their own unique abilities.