Warioware Gold Will Let You Dub Your Own Voice Over the Cutscenes

Last week, Nintendo released the Japanese opening cutscene for the upcoming microgame collection, WarioWare Gold. The short movie showed off all of the crazy antics that come packing with the new WarioWare game for the 3DS, and it even revealed that all of the cutscenes were fully voiced, which kind of wierded people out – hearing Wario speak in full sentences just doesn’t sit right with us. You can check out that rad opening cutscene right here:

If you watched this opening and also feel wierd about Wario’s voice, do not worry. According to the manual for the game that comes included with the now available eShop demo, you will be able to dub your own voice over all of the in-game cutscenes.

We’ve never seen an option like this in a video game before and leave it up to Nintendo for being one of the first. Imagine the possibilites with an option like this; prepare yourself to see lots of fan-made dubs pop up over the internet once WarioWare Gold launches later this Summer.

WarioWare Gold uses the two screens on the Nintendo 3DS and throws the player into some of the craziest situations that will force you to think on your toes. All of the 3DS’ unique features will be used for the 300+ microgames that WarioWare Gold has to offer you, which means that, yes, you will be tilting your system, blowing into that microphone, and using the touchscreen to do whatever it is that Wario and friends need you to do.

WarioWare Gold is set to launch for the Nintendo 3DS eShop on Aug 3 for North America and Europe, while people in Japan can grab it a day earlier on Aug 2.

Are you guy excited to try out this feature yourself on the 3DS? Or are you more excited to see other people’s crazy dubs over Wario’s voice? Let us know in the comments section below!