Watch This Resident Evil 2 Speedrunner Clear the Game Without Ever Getting Hit

If you’re already a fan of the Resident Evil series, you’ve probably mastered the Resident Evil 2 remake by now. However, as good as you may be, chances are you aren’t as good as dedicated Resident Evil speedrunner CarcinogenSDA. Just how good is CarcinogenSDA at running the Resident Evil 2 remake? Well, he managed to beat the entire game without ever getting hit by an enemy once.

Resident Evil 2 Remake Speedrunning Feats

Yep, that’s right, CarcinogenSDA recently did the seemingly impossible. In one of his recent Resident Evil 2 runs, he made it through the entire game without ever being hit. Zombies didn’t grab him, Lickers didn’t claw him, and Mr. X’s powerful punches hit nothing but air. Even more impressive is the fact that CarcinogenSDA cleared the entire game in just under three hours. With a final run time of two hours and 56 minutes, CarcinogenSDA proved he’s both efficient and skillful.

Resident Evil 2 remake no-hit speedrun

If you’ve already been following the Resident Evil speedrunning scene, you’ve likely heard of CarcinogenSDA already. He’s a popular personality within the greater Resident Evil community thanks to his high-skill play and his colorful commentary. During last year’s Awesome Games Done Quick charity marathon, he blazed through Resident Evil 7 at blinding speed.

No-hit runs are also a particular specialty of CarcinogenSDA’s. In fact, he’s even finished a no-hit run of the Resident Evil remake’s invisible enemies bonus mode. If there’s a Resident Evil-themed challenge, you can bet CarcinogenSDA will show up and make it look easy.

The Resident Evil 2 remake run (which you can watch below) is also full of handy tricks and strategies. For example, CarcinogenSDA leads zombies into narrow doorways to better line up one-hit-kill headshots. He also makes excellent use of sub-weapons like flash grenades and combat knives to even the odds when necessary. CarcinogenSDA’s no-hit run isn’t just fun to watch, it can also make you a better Resident Evil 2 player.

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