When Battlefield 5 Will be Available for Pre-Load

After a month-long delay, Battlefield 5 is finally due to launch on the 20th of November. In preparation for the launch, players who have pre-ordered the title will no doubt want to pre-load the game to avoid having to wait through a lengthy download on launch day. Fortunately, DICE has now revealed the Battlefield 5 pre-load times, and there’s good news for Xbox owners.

DICE Details the Battlefield 5 Pre-Load Times

There are different Battlefield 5 pre-load times on every platform, and on PS4 the dates are also different in different regions. Xbox users have by far the most time, as for whatever reason, Battlefield 5 is already available to pre-load! The upcoming game became available to pre-load on the 19th of October, just a few days ago, and weeks ahead of the other platforms. On PC, Battlefield 5 will become available to pre-load at 1 PM UTC on the 7th of November.

The Battlefield 5 Pre-Load Times by Region

The Battlefield 5 pre-load times are much more complex on PlayStation 4. Not only do they differ by region, but they differ whether you are pre-loading the standard edition or the deluxe edition. In the USA, the deluxe edition will be available for pre-load at 5 AM UTC on the 8th of November. The standard edition will be available from 5 AM UTC on the 13th of November. In Europe, the pre-load dates are even later. The deluxe edition will be available from 12 AM on the 13th of November, with exact times varying by territory. The standard edition won’t be available for pre-load until the 18th of November, at the same times.

In Japan, the deluxe edition of Battlefield 5 will be available to download from 3 PM UTC on November 12th. The standard edition will be available from 3 PM UTC on the 17th of November. Meanwhile, in the rest of Asia, the game will be available to download on the same days as Japan, but at 4 PM UTC instead of 3 PM.