Windows 11 Gaming Updates You Should Know About

Gamers across the world are going to benefit from the recent updates on Windows 11. Microsoft released its new operating system on October 5, 2021. The free upgrade will be available to Windows 10 PCs — in addition, preloaded PCs will be available for purchase. 

This is important news for the gaming community. While gaming on Windows 10 still offered gameplay benefits, this update is a much-needed upgrade.

Whether you’re an avid, experienced gamer or a novice, this Windows 11 update will bring some much-needed features to make the gaming experience faster and more visually appealing.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Microsoft would release a new OS, considering the increasing popularity of PC gaming. Let’s explore some of the latest gaming features Windows 11 will bring to gamers.

Key Features in the Windows 11 Update

Below are some of the features coming with Microsoft’s Windows 11 update.

Xbox Integration

One of the first new features offered by the new OS is improved Xbox integration. The new system will have a built-in Xbox app to let you seamlessly switch between PC and console gameplay. 

This means that Xbox achievements and gamerscore carry over to your PC, which means a more consistent profile across gaming units. This integration is interesting, considering there’s some debate over whether consoles or PCs dominate the industry. 

Improved Graphics

In addition to this feature, the video games themselves will likely look more attractive, using tools such as:

  • Auto HDR
  • DirectX 12 Ultimate
  • DirectX Raytracing
  • Mesh shaders
  • Variable-rate shading

Gamers will experience improved visuals in their gameplay, which could potentially attract new consumers into the gaming industry.

Xbox Game Pass Included

While users will still need to purchase an Xbox Game Pass subscription, they’ll have better access to their games with ease, thanks to the built-in Xbox app mentioned above. 

Microsoft is also planning on making Xbox Cloud Gaming available, which allows gamers to use Xbox’s community features and library of games.

All of these new features will certainly make a positive impact on the world of PC gaming. It comes when competitors, such as Playstation, began publishing PC games, and it’s only a matter of time until gaming giants push for more cross-platform integration. 

Issues with Windows 11 Upgrade

Reports have been released detailing some flaws in the Windows 11 upgrade. The operating system’s security features and AMD processing, according to Game Rant, have shown to slow gaming performance by 25%.  

Thankfully, Microsoft and AMD are working on creating patches to fix these issues, so by the time gamers are using the new OS, they won’t notice a significant difference in-game performance. 

It’s also possible for users to disable this security feature to improve their gaming experience with better frame rates. When new operating systems launch, it’s common for people to experience issues with their PCs. 

Microsoft is also aware of some compatibility issues with the new operating system. The company confirmed that there’s a problem with some apps that use certain characters in registry keys. 

Any gamers with problematic apps will not be able to download the new OS. Still, Microsoft is investigating the issue to resolve it soon. 

Exciting Features on Windows 11 for Gamers

It’s exciting to learn more about these cool features on Windows 11 that will elevate users’ gaming experiences. Be sure to download the new operating system when it’s available to you to try out the new features and see if your gaming performance improves.