World of Tanks Blitz: Do You Dare To Ask Out The Tank Head Girl?

This new World of Tanks Blitz advertisement in Japan is brilliant–more than worth checking out for yourself:

Wargaming’s mobile game WoT Blitz is popular in most parts of the world. Wargaming did a smart thing back when they were releasing WoT and WoT Blitz for the first time. Entering different markets was the best move the company could do at the time.

When it comes to different markets outside the U.S., it is always difficult to find out the right way to get consumers to try your product. However, one smart move can give you the result you need. The expansion Wargaming did in the East is one of the reasons the game has its own vast, dedicated fanbase.

But, when it comes to a country like Japan, there are indeed numerous ways to advertise your product effectively.

In this case, the mobile game WoT Blitz found the best way to promote itself–through a dating sim browser game titled Tank Head Girl. You can see from the photos below that it is precisely what the title says – a girl with a tank as her head.

This game encourages players to play as a young high school male character and ask a girl out. That is, of course, the girl with the tank on her head. Moreover, the tank is not a random tank. It is an FV214 Conqueror tank.

Tank Head girl’s title is followed by the phrase “I Want to See Your Smile.” Now, I did not try the game because I am afraid I will not understand anything that pops up in Japanese. However, I guess that if you succeed in making the girl go out with you, maybe you will get to see her real face. Go ahead and try it out and see what happens for yourselves.