World of Tanks: Top of the Tree Vehicle Announced

You are probably aware of the Top of the Tree event which was going on for a while in World of Tanks. Wargaming announced today the winning tank that players voted to be the new Top of the Tree. The vehicle will be available for purchase for one month along with its line. It also brings many rewards along with it.

Players of World of Tanks had to vote on the vehicle they wanted to be the Top of the Tree for August. The winning tank after the voting is the Chinese Tier X massive 113. It comes with a frontal armor, strong frontal turret, and a reasonably low profile. The tank relies on its HP pool and has astounding accuracy on its quick-firing gun.  Moreover, it has high speed and strong acceleration. The vehicle along with its line will be discounted from August 1 until September 1 at 07:00 CEST (UTC+2).

The missions coming with the 113 bring many rewards for the players. The first offers an x2 experience for your Crew plus one token for the second mission of the Top of the Tree. Its objectives are simple. You have to win the battle and be placed in the top 10 of your team. Your rate will be determined according to the XP you will earn.

The second mission of the Top of the Tree gives you 10 Personal Reserves of +100% experience for two whole hours. Additionally, it rewards you with +300% experience for your Crew, also for two hours. The objective of the second mission is a bit different than the first mission’s. You will have to get 50 tokens from the primary mission of the Top of the Tree.

The discounted line of the 113 tank along with the vehicle itself will be available for only a month. Take full advantage of it and prepare yourselves for the missions. If you are interested in reviewing the restrictions of the two missions, you can go here.