World of Tanks: Update 1.1 Brings Polish Tanks To The Game

Wargaming announced the new Update 1.1 coming to World of Tanks. It will feature Polish tanks to pay tribute to the devoted WoT fans of Poland. The new vehicles are breathtaking and are ready to enter the battlefield to show their power. Low, Medium and Top Tiers are all included in this astounding update.

Wargaming always tries to make their community happy by staying as devoted to them as they are to their game. After the Italian vehicles released in World of Tanks, dedicated to the Italian players of the game, another tribute is coming. This time, it will be for the Polish players that are staying strong and support World of Tanks all these years.

The impressive vehicles coming up with this new update are arranged in three categories. The Low Tiers are preliminary Polish vehicles that were inspired by the tank-manufacturers of the 30’s and 40’s. They are fast and dynamic, and armor like many other vehicles surrounds them. However, their difference from the other tanks is that they have a bit of increased alpha over their peers. The tanks of this category are the 4TP, 10TP&14TP, and 7TP.

The Medium Tiers are divided into three categories to be more comfortable for players to comprehend them: Tier V—Light/Medium hybrid, Tier VI—Medium in a heavy’s armor and Tier VII—Medium/Heavy hybrid. They are diverse from a gameplay perspective bringing a new set of combat roles.

The vehicles listed under the Top Tiers category were three thesis projects by some graduate engineers. They never made it past the drawing board, but Wargaming is giving them to you in the flesh. If they had been manufactured, they would have been incredible in the battlefield. You will be the first ones to try them out and witness their full power after the Update 1.1.

You can view all the Polish vehicles coming in World of Tanks along with their details here.