WWE 2K19 Roster Lacks Major Playable Superstar Ahead of Game’s Release

Over the past several weeks, the WWE 2K19 roster reveals have shown fans which superstars they can use in the upcoming game. The list of stars totals well near 150 with legends of the past, present, and future all included, except for one. As of right now, the current NXT champion Tommaso Ciampa is missing from the WWE 2K19 roster of playable superstars.

WWE 2K19 roster: Tommaso Ciampa MIA?

A report from Gamerant on Saturday (Sept. 22) indicates that Ciampa was not announced as part of the new WWE 2K19 roster. In addition, the website reports Ciampa was never revealed as a downloadable content superstar either. Some fans felt the announcement of the NXT star as DLC would be forthcoming but it never materialized. This is puzzling, given the fact that he’s been a major part of the NXT roster over the past year or so.

Ciampa is the current reigning NXT Champion after winning the belt from Aleister Black. He also feuded with his former tag team partner Johnny Gargano. That feud was well-received and praised by fans and WWE journalists. In fact, there are many people calling Ciampa the best heel in the business right now. All of that makes him worthy of inclusion in the new game.

Why is Ciampa missing from WWE 2K19 roster?

Tommaso Ciampa’s exclusion from the WWE 2K19 roster is a head-scratcher. As Gamerant’s Dalton Cooper speculated, there is a fan theory going around that Ciampa was out of action due to injury during the time that he was needed for motion capture.

Ciampa suffered his injury back in May of 2017 and was away from NXT until late January of this year. He made his in-ring return just this past April to feud with Gargano. He ultimately won the NXT title in July. However, he’s not in the game. By the way, Gargano, a regular fan-favorite underdog type, will be a part of the game.

While it’s possible Ciampa wasn’t available for motion capture, one would think WWE would still find a way to get him onto this latest game’s roster. As it stands, he is the biggest superstar missing from the game. Luckily gamers can create their own Tommaso Ciampa character once the game arrives.

Fans who pre-ordered the WWE 2K19 game for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PCs can start playing on October 5 for Deluxe or Collector’s versions, with the standard game slated for October 9th.