WWE 2K20 Glitches Frustrate Gamers on Release Day as Videos, Twitter Trends Arrive

The WWE 2K20 release day has arrived but rather than excitement and joy it brought enough issues to drive gamers crazy. A large portion of the gaming community has been logging complaints regarding odd gameplay, visuals, and other issues with the new professional wrestling game. The number of WWE 2K20 glitches even caused a hashtag “#FixWWE2K20” to trend on Twitter on the game’s release day.

WWE 2K20 glitches highlight release day

Tuesday, October 22 is the official WWE 2K20 release day and despite many gamers making sure they were the first to have a copy, many gamers seem disappointed. Paying $60 or more for a brand new game only to have it constantly glitching doesn’t feel like money well spent for many gamers. However, WWE and 2K seem to still believe in their product, which isn’t surprising. That said, this also marks the first installment in forever that doesn’t have Yuke’s working with 2K on the game.

So what are the bugs and complications? Issues have included all sorts of occurrences plaguing the game so far. The WWE 2K20 glitches that have come with the latest release include poorly constructed visuals, such as the masked character and other strange individuals shown in the tweets below. Anything’s possible in a WWE video game it seems, but these seem like a serious stretch.

Visuals aren’t the only issues. There are also moving WWE 2K20 glitches. That includes this particular video clip which seems to show a women’s superstar stuck on the side ropes as other is walking on knees with the referee in the ring. Maybe The Fiend has struck with some sort of demonic possession of everyone?

There are numerous examples of broken wrestlers too. That’s not a reference to the chaos and destruction inside a Hell in a Cell or Elimination Chamber match. It refers to the broken superstars in various parts of the game. Here’s one example of a superstar leaving the ring and apparently not needing his legs to walk.

More glitch highlight videos, Twitter trend

Here are several of the YouTube compilation videos showing off numerous WWE 2K20 glitches that already popped up in the new game. In these, gamers will witness wrestlers being pulled into the ring mat with no sign of The Fiend there to pull them down to wherever.

In some of the clips in this YouTube video, the referee gets way too up close and personal with superstars. That includes Charlotte Flair during her championship match against Nikki Bella.

Visuals and animations are only part of the story. Other gamers have reported not receiving certain pre-order bonuses or collectible items included with the WWE 2K20 editions they purchased.

Of note, 2K has been active on Twitter asking gamers to file support tickets. They’ve also informed them they will begin to address things for them. However, there’s more than just a few people with issues going on.

As mentioned, “#FIXWWE2K20” trended on Twitter earlier on Tuesday as fans demanded 2K to step in and address all of the glitches.

However, it probably comes as no surprise based on the reaction to the other 2K title that recently launched. There were a lot of reported NBA 2K20 issues when the game first arrived to the masses, so it seems to be a 2K thing now. Then again, are sports video game fans ever fully happy with a new installment of a game?

Basically, the theme is that WWE 2K20 is also quite broken and will probably be getting a patch update or two in the future. Sit tight 2K gamers!

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