WWE 2K20 MyCareer Mode Trailer Reveals Potential Challenges, Opponents for Male & Female Superstars’ Journey

Buckle up, as the brand new WWE 2K20 MyCareer mode trailer has dropped! It’s unlike previous stories as it shows off some crazy locations and potential challenges ahead. This year’s edition of WWE 2K will feature a story involving both a men’s and women’s superstar progressing through the mode together. Gamers will create both and use them throughout the mode to try to achieve success. Based on at least one scene in the trailer, some of the challenges that gamers must achieve are revealed.

WWE 2K20 MyCareer Mode trailer shows off to-do tasks, demonic arena, & more

The WWE 2K20 MyCareer mode trailer gives a glimpse at what the story will involve. Just like past editions of the professional wrestling game, the superstar(s) will progress through matches and other challenges. This year’s journey includes a male named Tre and female named Red going through the trials and tribulations. In the new trailer, a sneak peek at some of their in-story moments include The Undertaker, Kane, Papa Shango, and Matt Hardy.

Scenes show the male superstar for MyCareer mode joining along with New Day by dressing as a unicorn or accompanying Velveteen Dream to the ring. There are also several spots involving the female superstar. One includes the women’s championship and Becky Lynch attacking to make her challenge known. Yet another scene shows an attack on The IIconics for what may set up a tag team match within the story.

By pausing the new trailer (below) around the 0:17 mark, a list is shown on lined paper. It includes various “To Do” tasks. They range from “Win a Dance Off” to “Find out what’s in Undertaker’s urn.” One final goal is written during the trailer. “Get inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame” appears. So this may possibly be the end goal.

There are some particularly unique scenes from about the 0:39 to 0:50 seconds spots in the trailer. Gamers see a tombstone sitting in the ring with Tre’s name on it, Papa Shango waving a skull on a wooden stick in front of his face, and a flame-broiled arena featuring a large skull with flaming eyes at top of the ramp. At the 0:43 mark, someone is laying on the ground in a creepy, swamp-like, woods area with a skull nearby.

Most likely, several of these scenes relate to The Undertaker and/or his brother Kane, both of whom have brief appearances in the trailer. It’s possible Papa Shango and Bray Wyatt are part of these moments. There could even be some integration with WWE 2K Originals characters from the Bump in the Night content. Those include demonized or zombified versions of different superstars such as Finn Balor and Braun Strowman.

Buzz is back, fans react to the new trailer

In the 2K19 MyCareer mode, gamers were in control of just a male superstar and there was no option to create and use a female superstar in the story. That’s been shifted for the WWE 2K20 game as Becky Lynch is on the cover and the Four Horsewomen are featured in Showcase mode.

This year’s game features Tre and Red, but last year’s star is also back. Many fans also learned with the trailer reveal that the voice of last year’s character Buzz, A.J. Kirsch, will return for the game. Based on a tweet, WWE 2K20 has Buzz and Cole back in the mix for the upcoming game.

So far, the reaction to the WWE 2K20 MyCareer mode trailer has been mostly positive. Fans are saying it looks like a more complex story and better than last year’s. Others are excited about having both a male and a female superstar to guide in this mode. Some fans are even saying this mode looks “better than today’s current product.” It’s a clear shot at the real-world wrestling shows and PPVs like Hell in a Cell or Raw.

There are also some criticisms based on the trailer reveal, but they are minor. For example, many gamers may want to have different voice options. Others don’t like the names of the WWE 2K20 MyCareer mode superstars. Some gamers are talking about how bad the created superstars look in the trailer. Those are very small details in the scope of things. Hopefully, fans won’t let them take too much away from enjoying the mode.

In case you missed it, here’s a look at the WWE 2K20 gameplay trailer.

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