WWE 2K20 Soundtrack To Feature Eminem Music Contributions As Part Of WWE Deal

The brand new WWE 2K20 game is still months away, but there is already some buzz about the upcoming game. Just recently news hit involving a deal between the WWE and hip-hop star Eminem. That will bring him not only to part of the new game with the WWE 2K20 soundtrack, but he’ll also be a part of WWE programming. Here are the latest details on Eminem’s involvement with WWE and the 2K20 title.

Eminem to contribute to WWE 2K20 soundtrack

The soundtracks in the various sports games typically add a lot to the titles such as Madden, NBA 2K19, and FIFA. The WWE 2K19 soundtrack also features a variety of great artists ranging from hip-hop to rock. Among the musicians on the 2K19 tracklist are Metallica, Post Malone, and Eminem.

It appears that Marshall Mathers will be back again for the 2K20 soundtrack. A report via Fightful indicates that Eminem will “contribute to the soundtrack” later this year. It isn’t specified if Eminem will simply lend some of his previous hits to the game, or create new ones exclusively for the title.

It’s also unknown if he’ll be curating the soundtrack. The 2K19 soundtrack features tracks wrestlers chose. There’s also an exclusive song that hip-hop star Wale provided.

Other hip-hop stars including Diddy and Jay-Z have helped curate 2K soundtracks. These include NBA 2K or WWE 2K games in the past. Travis Scott curated the new NBA 2K19 soundtrack.

Eminem appears on the current WWE 2K19 soundtrack with his song “Survival.” WWE 2K19 cover athlete AJ Styles chose the song as his personal contribution to the list.

Possible WWE 2K20 promotion on Smackdown

There have been longtime rumors of Eminem getting involved with WWE, and it seems the 2K20 soundtrack is only part of it. The hip-hop star’s deal with WWE also includes an appearance on the SmackDown Live program.

The interesting aspect of this part of the deal is that SmackDown is planning to make a big move to network TV. They’ll begin showing episodes on Fox in mid-to-late October. WWE’s SmackDown Live currently airs Tuesday nights on the USA channel.

It’ll┬ábe interesting to see just how much involvement the Grammy-winning star has with WWE and the upcoming game. Having a celebrity of Eminem’s stature for to the game certainly won’t hurt with bringing publicity to the title. Having him promoting it through an exclusive song or video and TV appearances will also go a long way.

As for a release date for WWE 2K20, that’s yet to be announced but could be in early October which lines up with WWE 2K19’s release time. See more of VGR’s latest WWE game news here.