WWE 2K19 Soundtrack Playlist On Apple Music Includes Eminem, Migos, & Metallica

When the brand new WWE video game arrives in early October it will feature hit music selected specifically by the WWE superstars. As of early this week, fans learned which songs are on the playlist and now the WWE 2K19 soundtrack is available for online streaming. Among the artists featured on the new soundtrack are hip-hop stars Eminem and Migos, as well as rock groups Metallica and Fall Out Boy.

WWE 2K19 Soundtrack Features Superstar Selections

The right music is essential for a great game. A total of 12 standout songs are featured on the playlist for the upcoming WWE game. A specific WWE superstar handpicked each song on the new WWE 2K19 soundtrack. For example, AJ Styles chose Eminem’s cut “Survival” from the Marshall Mathers LP while Alexa Bliss chose “Champion” by Fall Out Boy. Triple H selected a Metallica song, “Spit Out the Bone,” rather than a song by Motorhead. Appropriately, Ric Flair and his daughter Charlotte Flair chose “Ric Flair Drip” by Migos. Flair is featured in the group’s music video for the song.

  1. “Passion” by AWOLNATION (chosen by Daniel Bryan)
  2. “Skin” by Bullet for My Valentine (chosen by The Miz)
  3. “Survival” by Eminem (chosen by AJ Styles)
  4. “Champion” by Fall Out Boy (chosen by Alexa Bliss)
  5. “Spit Out the Bone” by Metallica (chosen by Triple H)
  6. “Work Hard” by Migos (chosen by Samoa Joe)
  7. “Ric Flair Drip” by Offset & Metro Boomin (chosen by Ric Flair & Charlotte Flair)
  8. “rockstar” by Post Malone featuring 21 Savage (chosen by Elias)
  9. “The 11th Hour” by Rancid (chosen by Sami Zayn)
  10. “DEVIL” by Shinedown (chosen by Baron Corbin)
  11. “Override” by Slipknot (chosen by Seth Rollins)
  12. “Ungrateful & Thankful” by Wale (chosen by The New Day)

Interestingly, WWE opted to exclude some of the artists who have worked with them at recent live shows. They’ve included WWE Hall of Famers Kid Rock and Snoop Dogg as well as Flo Rida and MGK. The latter of those artists is part of a recent feud involving soundtrack artist Eminem. The soundtrack doesn’t include “Natural” by Imagine Dragons either. That song is featured in the newest WWE 2K19 gameplay trailer.

WWE 2K19 Soundtrack on Apple Music

The soundtrack reveal (video below) took place on Monday with WWE stars New Day and Elias announcing the songs. In addition, hip-hop star Wale, a huge WWE fan in his own right, stopped by to talk a bit about the brand new song he created as an exclusive for the soundtrack. Wale’s song is called “Ungrateful & Thankful” and is one he feels that WWE fans and superstars can relate to.

Fans who have an Apple Music membership can start streaming the new WWE 2K19 soundtrack on their preferred devices. The playlist is available in its entirety only on Apple Music as of Tuesday. However, fans who have Spotify can also assemble the various songs and make their own playlist if they decide to.

The new playlist arrives with several more weeks until the game itself is available. WWE 2K19 will arrive on October 5th for the Collectors and Deluxe Editions of the game. The standard version of the game arrives on October 9th for gamers to start battling it out in the squared circle. For now, fans can psych themselves up for the game’s release by keeping the soundtrack on repeat.