WWE 2K22 Ratings Reveal: Bobby Lashley Among Roster Superstars Revealed

It appears there may be a WWE 2K22 ratings reveal on the way, as 2K prepares fans for the release of their next wrestling video game. We recently saw six of the superstars from the roster have their ratings revealed. Now former WWE Champion Bobby Lashley has joined the group. Interestingly, his rating may be low compared to what some fans were expecting, though. Here are the latest details on his reveal, and which other superstars we know of.

Bobby Lashley gets WWE 2K22 ratings reveal

On Monday, the first official WWE 2K22 ratings reveal from a superstar themself arrived online. 2K’s Twitter account shared a 30-second video clip featuring Bobby Lashley. The former WWE Champion, two-time Intercontinental, and United States champion presented his rating to the fans. That rating will be a 91 overall when the WWE 2K22 video game officially arrives.

Based on Lashley’s comments in the video, he wanted a “1000” for his rating. In his retweet of the clip, he mentioned it’s not quite the rating he wanted in the game, and some fans may agree.

It’s worth noting that Pro Wrestling Illustrated ranked Lashley at No. 3 on the PWI Top 500 list for 2021. Just ahead of him was fellow WWE superstar Roman Reigns.

That said, a 91 OVR is a major improvement over his previous rating. According to SmackDown Hotel’s list, Lashley was an 86 in that game, which had him No. 45 overall. So he’s moved up five points in the time between 2K20 and the upcoming 2K22 game. Lashley made his return to a WWE video game after 11 years as a DLC superstar in 2K19, and also appeared in WWE 2K’s Battlegrounds title.

Which other superstars had their ratings revealed?

Lashley now joins the six other superstars with ratings revealed for the game. Those WWE 2K22 ratings came via 2K’s website soon after the announcement trailer arrived.

Cover star Rey Mysterio is a 90 overall, and so is the Rated-R Superstar Edge. That puts both of them just below Bobby Lashley’s number. Ahead of all three of them is “Hollywood” Hulk Hogan with a 92 OVR.

Hogan will be part of the NWO 4 Life DLC edition of 2K22. Three other DLC NWO superstars were revealed. Syxx is an 88 OVR, Kevin Nash is a 90 OVR, and Scott Hall has a 90 OVR.

All of the ratings so far are upgrades compared to what these superstars were at in the WWE 2K20 game several years ago.

With that said, we’re already wondering how superstars such as Brock Lesnar, Roman Reigns, and The Undertaker will be rated compared to Hulk Hogan and Lashley.

It would seem some of the game’s legends should have ratings between 95 and 99 OVR? Stay tuned as 2K drops more ratings in the coming weeks!

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