Xbox Series X to Make “No More Noise Than the Xbox One X”

Wondering what kind of noise levels you can expect from the Xbox Series X? If you have an Xbox One X, you may have a pretty good idea. Xbox boss Phil Spencer recently commented on the noise levels of the Xbox Series X, stating that it will produce no more noise than the Xbox One X. Let’s take a closer look at his comments.

There Will Be No More Noise from Xbox Series X Than Xbox One X

Spencer was talking with Gary Whitta about when he was gaming at home on the Xbox Series X and comparing the experience to his usual gaming on Xbox One X. According to Spencer, the next gen console featured more power, but the noise level was no higher than that of the Xbox One X. Specifically, he stated that one of the reasons for the bulkier build of the Xbox Series X was to “have a very quiet console.”

He went on to say that based on his experience, the Xbox Series X produces “no more noise than the Xbox One X” thanks to its larger, quieter fan. He also said, “I just love that, that you can just plug it in literally right in place and get such a huge upgrade. All my games are working and it sounds just like my Xbox One X did but just with a lot more power behind it.”

So, that is great to hear! Hopefully along with being no louder than the Xbox One X, the new console will also be no more prone to overheating. It seems logical that the larger fan would not only be quiet, but also efficient. As we learn more about the Xbox Series X and the gaming experience it offers, we will keep you posted. So, check in again with us soon. And in the meantime, catch up on some recent updates on the Xbox Series X.