4A Games Releases First Post-Launch Patch for Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus has now been available for one week, and thus far the game seems to have been well-received by fans and critics alike. The game’s UK launch week retail sales saw it launch at #2 behind Far Cry New Dawn, but behind by fewer than 2,000 units. Moreover, those figures were more than 50% higher than the sales figures for Metro: Last Light, the game’s last instalment. Now, 4A Games has released their first post-launch Metro Exodus patch.

What’s in the First Post-Launch Metro Exodus Patch

The first Metro Exodus patch to release post-launch doesn’t include any major new gameplay features or anything of that sort. Rather, it includes what one would expect; a variety of general stability improvements and bug-fixes. According to 4A Games, the patch includes “General stability fixes,” as well as “Optimisation for Lower spec PCs”; no doubt likely to be popular among PC gamers. For gamers on PC with higher-end machines, the patch also brings improvements and fixes to DLSS, and better optimisation for RTX.

Metro Exodus Patch Adds BugTrap System

The only major addition brought by the patch is that of a new BugTrap tool; “The new bugtrap tool will detect a crash or other fatal error that may occur in the PC version,” explains 4A Games; “It will gather some limited data from your machine and prepare a report that you can send to 4A Games via the Metro Support site. No user identifiable information is collected, but the report can be fully reviewed before sending.”

Beyond that, 4A Games also addressed instances of controller lag on PC. Apparently, higher-end PCs which can run at higher framerate, but “have vsync in half,” are likely to experience controller lag. The greater the difference between potential framerate and vsync, the greater the possible lag. 4A Games recommends switching off vsync to reduce the likelihood of controller lag occurring while they investigate.