A New Fallout 76 Dungeon is Coming Soon: The Burrows

The next big Wild Appalachia update is due to release on the 16th of April; bringing the next major release of new content for Fallout 76. The update was originally meant to include two pieces of new content, but the in-game camera has been delayed to later this month. However, the update on the 16th will still launch a brand-new Fallout 76 PvE dungeon; The Burrows.

What Are The Burrows, the Upcoming Fallout 76 Dungeon?

Set deep beneath Harpers Ferry, The Burrows is a major new Fallout 76 dungeon with its own new quest; Waste Management. “Before the Great War,” says Bethesda, who described the upcoming dungeon in a recent blog post; “the citizens of Harpers Ferry constructed an extensive storm drain system beneath the city. These tunnels were no place to make a home by most townsfolks’ standards, and were frequented by mischievous teens, vagrants, and individuals looking to avoid the watchful eye of the law. After the bombs fell, The Burrows took on a new identity. They became a safe haven beneath the earth as wanderers and displaced residents alike sought shelter from the punishing Wasteland and eventually formed a welcoming community.”

Fallout 76 Dungeon The Burrows 2

As one might expect, that ‘welcoming community’ is no more. Players can start the new quest by accessing one of two manhole covers in Harpers Ferry; one close to Highway 65 and one close to the Armoury. Inside, players will find the body of a Brotherhood of Steel scribe which will let you start the quest. Although the Waste Management quest itself isn’t repeatable, The Burrows dungeon is. According to Bethesda, players can expect “plenty of loot and experience.”

Details about The Burrows are still scarce, so it’s unknown exactly how large the new area will be. However, fans got a glimpse at some of its subterranean chambers in the Wild Appalachia DLC trailer; there, the dungeon looked to be quite expansive, and full of enemies.