How to Acquire Battlefield 5 Company Coin

There are two forms of currency to be found in Battlefield 5; Company Coin and Battlefield Currency. The latter is the game’s optional micro-transaction currency, and it can only be spent on “specific cosmetic items”; this currency won’t be available at launch either. DICE plans to implement it at some point post-launch once players have had time to get used to the game. Company Coin, on the other hand, features at launch and is the primary currency for improving your Company; the new progression system in Battlefield 5. If you can amass enough, you can spend it on cosmetic items as well as progression options for your vehicles, weapons, and so on. In this guide we’ll show you how to earn company coins in Battlefield 5.

How to Earn Battlefield 5 Company Coin

There are a number of different ways to start earning Company Coin. The most simple is just to play the game; as you rank up, you’ll gradually earn Company Coin too. Specifically, you’ll earn a stipend of 500 Company Coin each and every time you rank up. If you want to earn more at a faster rate, however, then the second best option is to focus on completing Special Assignments, which can be found in the Assignments menu. Most of these are relatively simple to complete and require you to play the game as a certain class or complete a specific in-game task, etc. You can choose up to four Special Assignments to work towards at a time.

Battlefield 5 Company Coin is Used for In-Game Upgrades

Similar to Special Assignments, Daily Orders are another source of Company Coin. These are also found in the Assignments menu, but will be changed by DICE every 24 hours. As a result of the rapid turnover, however, these tasks are usually simpler or quicker to complete than Special Assignments. If you want to maximise your Company Coin, you should check both your Daily Orders and Special Assignments before you start playing each day.

At present, Company Coin is the only way to purchase in-game items. Once DICE implements Battlefield Currency, a second option will be available. However, the company has assured fans that the currency will not be pay-to-win and will only be used for cosmetic items. In fact, it may not even be usable for all cosmetic items. As such, players should look to earn as much Company Coin as they can if they want to improve their Company.