The Company: The New Battlefield 5 Progression System

DICE’s latest news post for Battlefield 5 delves into the game’s new progression system, which differs notably from previous titles. The Battlefield 5 progression system is built around a player’s “Company”; a set of options, upgrades, and ranks which can be improved as you progress in the game.

How the Battlefield 5 Progression System Works

“As you experience Tides of War,” explains DICE; “or play through any multiplayer mode – you will be able to personalise and progress a custom arsenal of weapons, vehicles, and soldiers. This collection becomes your Company. The Company is the heart of your Battlefield 5 journey, and it’s all-new to the Battlefield series.”

Vehicle Specialisations Can be Bought via Battlefield 5 Progression

As you progress in Battlefield 5, you will advance five different ranks; Career, Class, Weapon, Vehicle, and Chapter. The more your rank increases, the more rewards you earn. These include both gameplay items such as weapons, weapon parts, and vehicles, and cosmetic items. The five ranks differ as follows:

  • Career Rank: Career Rank lists your rank in traditional military titles, and is your overall in-game rank. The more you increase your Career Rank, the more Company Coin you earn. You will also unlock vehicles for your Company.
  • Class Rank: Your Class Rank tracks your progress playing as one of Battlefield 5’s four soldier classes; Assault, Medic, Recon & Support. As you progress your Class Rank, you’ll earn extra weapons, gadgets, and Combat Roles.
  • Weapon & Vehicle Ranks: These two ranks progress the more you use specific weapons and vehicles in Battlefield 5. Progression rewards include both Company Coin and Specialisations for those weapons and vehicles.
  • Chapter Rank: This rank increases whenever you play a game mode during a Tides of War chapter, and rewards for progression will be specific to each chapter. DICE promises more information on this rank closer to the start of Tides of War in December.

Company Coin, which is a reward for several rank progressions, is one of the two in-game currencies. You can only acquire Company Coin through progression, whereas Battlefield Currency can be bought with real money. You can only spend Battlefield Currency on certain cosmetic items, however.