Battlefield 5 Will Have a Premium Currency, But no Pay-to-Win

In DICE’s latest news post about Battlefield 5, the company took a detailed look at the Battlefield 5 microtransaction system. Without a doubt, microtransactions is an area where fans are likely to scrutinise EA very harshly, and not without good reason. However, the studio assures fans that the game’s microtransactions will not be pay-to-win. In fact, the premium currency won’t even feature in the game at launch.

Battlefield 5 Microtransactions Will Not be Pay-to-Win

Interestingly, DICE seems to be adopting the same strategy as Bethesda when it comes to microtransactions and post-launch content. Both games feature cosmetic microtransactions but completely free DLC. There is no Battlefield 5 Premium or Season Pass; all of the game’s post-launch content will be free. In their latest post, DICE explains that there are two kinds of in-game currency in Battlefield 5; Company Coin and Battlefield Currency. Company Coin can be earned in-game, while Battlefield Currency can be bought with actual money; “Battlefield 5 is made to reward how often you play and how well you play,” says DICE; “You will never be able to use Battlefield Currency or spend real-world money to get anything that gives you an unfair gameplay advantage.”

Battlefield 5 Microtransactions Will Not be Pay-to-Win

Company Coin will be players’ primary in-game currency. You can use this to buy non-standard items which lie outside of your normal progression paths, and other customisation options for your in-game Company. This includes weapon and vehicle Specialisation choices and cosmetic items too. Note that vehicle customisation options will be coming with the first chapter of the Tides of War post-launch content schedule in December.

Battlefield Currency, on the other hand, is wholly optional. You can only acquire this currency with real money. However, you can only spend it on; “specific cosmetic items for your Company.” Moreover, Battlefield Currency won’t actually be available when the game launches. According to DICE; “We want players to get hands-on experience with their Company, the progression system, and earning Company Coin before introducing premium currency. Balanced rock-paper-scissors gameplay has always been the foundation of the Battlefield series, and our belief is that real-world money should not enable pay-to-win or pay-to-power.”