All the New Vehicles Coming in Battlefield 5 War in the Pacific

Battlefield 5 War in the Pacific will begin one week from today on the 31st of October, when the Battlefest event comes to an end. The fifth chapter of Battlefield 5’s post-launch content, it is already looking like the largest. It will include three new maps, eleven new weapons, and in fact, an additional eleven new War in the Pacific vehicles. These range from amphibious tanks to bombers to Rocket Barrage Tanks.

The Eleven Upcoming Battlefield 5 War in the Pacific Vehicles

First among the eleven War in the Pacific vehicles are two new medium tanks. The U.S. will have access to the M4 Sherman tank, which boasts a good balance of speed, armour, and firepower. Its Japanese counterpart will be the Type 97; a vehicle with similar capabilities and a 97mm tank gun. These two are the strongest new mainstay tanks coming in the expansion, but there are plenty more lightweight vehicle options on the way as well.

Battlefield 5 War in the Pacific Vehicles Reinforcements 2

The LVT and Ka-Mi, for example, are two new Light Amphibious Tanks which players can use to move rapidly across the map. These are especially useful on the new Pacific maps, where crossing shallow seas gives players an edge when it comes to maneouvring around the enemy. Players will also be able to use a more generic Dinghy, which is fast but very exposed and vulnerable. For land travel, players will also be able to use the lightly-armoured MB Jeep and Type 95 Car. When it comes to aircraft there are only two new additions coming to the game. The U.S. will have access to the F4U Corsair, while Japan will have the Japanese Zero Fighter. However, both of these planes will feature Bomber and Fighter variants.

The final two vehicles are only available through Reinforcements. The U.S. can call up a Sherman Calliope; a powerful new Rocket Barrage Tank. Meanwhile, the Japanese will have a similar Rocket Barrage Tank with equivalent capabilities. When it comes to Reinforcements, the Americans will also be able to use Smoke Barrages, Supply Drops, Sector Artillery, and the JB-2 Rocket. The Japanese have similar options. However, instead of the JB-2, they have access to the KI-147 I-Go Rocket.