Anthem Protagonist Won’t Have A Fully Customized Face

If you look at the picture above you’ll see a group of smiling faces. As far as we’re concerned, you should take those lovely faces in, because you most certainly won’t be seeing yours all that often when stuck in your Javelin suit. Perhaps this was the decision on why the Anthem protagonist will not feature a fully customized face, such as previous BioWare games like Dragon Age and Mass Effect allowed and well, what a decision that must have been to make.

This information comes from Mike Gamble, the lead producer of Anthem, who recently hosted an AMA where he answered a numerous amount of questions from fans about the game. One particular question caught our eye, and that was customization options of your character in Anthem. While the multiplayer game is far from being similar to a game like Dragon Age, it seems more than a few fans were interested in at least getting to create their own character.

Mike Gamble replied with this:

Response to this may not be as positive as BioWare might expect, but we’re curious on how these ‘custom’ features will work all the same. As GameRant points out, it also appears not much of a big deal when you’ll be playing first-person most of the time when you’re in Tarsis, and as for when you’re in third-person flying around with a Javelin? You’re not going to see your face there either. Regardless, this will be quite the blow for die-hard RPG fans, but we hope they still find some way to enjoy the game.

In other Anthem news, it was revealed that an Anthem demo will be releasing on the 1st of February, 2019 for those who pre-order the game or have an EA/Origin Access account. To find out more about the demo, as well as how you’ll be able to access it when it releases, check the article out here.

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