How Could Battlefield 5’s Battle Royale Differ From Other Major Games?

EA DICE recently unveiled a new trailer for Battlefield 5. The Gamescom trailer, entitled “Devastation of Rotterdam,” revealed plenty of new things about the upcoming game. One of the game’s writers recently published a breakdown of the trailer, wherein he identified four new maps and several new gameplay mechanics. A major part of the trailer, however, came in its final moments; a brief teaser of the game’s battle royale mode. Although unclear initially, it has since been confirmed by Landa that it was indeed battle royale. So, with that in mind; how could the Battlefield 5 battle royale mode differ from those of other titles?

Battlefield 5 Battle Royale

The battle royale genre is the foremost gaming genre at the moment. Given the meteoric success of games like Fortnite and PUBG, plenty of developers have sought to include battle royale modes in their games. Battlefield 5 is one of several major titles which have announced battle royale modes. Thus far, EA DICE hasn’t revealed any footage of battle royale gameplay. However, the Devastation of Rotterdam trailer gave fans a glimpse. In the trailer, soldiers were seen fighting in a ruined city as a ring of smoke and flames rapidly closed in around them. No doubt the ring is DICE’s take on the traditional receding zones which feature in battle royale titles.

Battlefield 5 Battle Royale Could Differ From Other Titles

Based on what we know so far, it seems likely that feature will be similar to other games. However, given the ferocity and density of the firestorm, it’s possible that it could be much more lethal. In addition, it seems likely that it could severely impact visibility if players are caught outside of the area. Within the area, however, it remains to be seen how many other Battlefield mechanics will remain usable. The game already has a squad system for multiplayer, which should transfer over relatively easily. However, it’s unknown whether players will have the normal selection of soldier classes in battle royale, or access to mechanics like Reinforcements or flares.

Tanks in Battle Royale?

The brief glimpse of combat seen in the trailer appeared to show tanks in the ruined city. If so, that would be a major departure from other battle royale titles. Although PUBG and other battle royale games do feature vehicles, most such vehicles are cars, military jeeps, and the like – not heavily armed and armoured fighting vehicles.

Tanks Appeared to Play a Role in Battlefield 5 Battle Royale

One would think that vehicles like tanks would be too powerful to feature in a mode like this, when players only have a few allies to rely on rather than dozens. The same would be a safe assumption for aircraft. However, it may be that DICE has found a way to make tanks more manageable on that scale. Alternatively, it could be that anti-tank weapons will be relatively common.