All Battlefield 5 LMGs and MMGs Featuring at Launch

Recently, DICE divulged a huge amount of information; namely, a complete list of every weapon, vehicle, gadget, and more which will feature in Battlefield 5 at launch. All told, there will be 37 firearms, divided amongst a number of weapon categories. Of course, each of the game’s four classes can only pick weapons from 1-2 different assigned categories. The Battlefield LMGs and MMGs are the two categories available to the Support class, and are the most powerful automatic firearms in the game.

The Battlefield 5 LMGs and MMGs are Available to the Support Class

All Battlefield 5 LMGs Featuring at Launch

The default armament of the Support class, the Battlefield 5 LMGs are a step up from the assault rifles category for power; “LMGs are optimized for sustained fire,” explains DICE; “They have worse mobility then Assault Rifles but tend to be a bit more ranged thanks to their bipods”. At launch, there will be 4 Battlefield 5 LMGs available to the Support class, though more are likely to be added post-launch. The full list is as follows:

  • KE7: “Medium rate of fire LMG. Even though this light machine gun was designed in Switzerland, the Swiss army never used it.”
  • Bren Gun: “Based on a Czechoslovak design, with a top-mounted box magazine which gave it a distinct look”. The Bren gun was one of the most successful machine guns in WWII. It would actually remain in active service until as late as the 1980s. The Irish Defence Force only phased out the Bren gun in 2006!
  • FG-42: “Very fast firing automatic rifle with a small magazine. Highest damage output weapon on the support kit”. Not only is it Battlefield 5’s most high-damage LMG, the FG-42 was one of the most advanced weapons in WWII. It was still a part of the US Army’s arsenal during the Vietnam War.
  • Lewis Gun: “Entered Allied service in 1914. In World War 2, the British used it as an anti-aircraft gun. Its barrel shroud and top-mounted pan magazine made it easy to recognise”. The Lewis Gun is the only weapon in the LMG and MMG categories which also featured in Battlefield 1.

The Bren Gun is an Iconic Entry in the List of Battlefield 5 LMGs

All Battlefield 5 MMGs Featuring at Launch

Bigger and more powerful than LMGs, Battlefield 5’s MMGs are much more unwieldy. In fact, they are the largest firearms which players can physically carry; “MMGs are heavily specialized to provide the most lethal sustained fire,” says DICE; “Their mobility is poor, so make sure to set up on a bipod”; The full list of Battlefield 5 MMGs is as follows:

  • MG 34: “The first of a kind: a portable, air-cooled machine gun with a high rate of fire. Too complex to properly mass-produce, it was later supplanted by the MG42.”
  • MG 42: “This machine gun was reliable, easy to use, and had an extreme rate of fire. After its introduction in 1942, it was used on all fronts”. While many WWII machine guns saw decades of use, the MG42 is actually still in use today. Most recently, it saw use in the First Congo War of 1996-97.