Battlefield 5 is Finally Getting Tank Body Customisation

More than a year after the game’s launch, when the feature was originally promised, tank body customisation is finally coming to Battlefield 5. The feature, which has been a very long time coming, will be launching as part of Update 6.2 on the 4th of March. Players will be able to customise three different parts of the tank when it launches; the Chassis Dressing, Turret Dressing, and Paint Job.

Battlefield 5 Tank Body Customisation

Battlefield 5 tank body customisation was a feature which was first promised by DICE when the game launched back in 2018. At the time, it was meant to arrive post-launch in one of the first content updates. However, only limited cosmetic options arrived in the first Tides of War chapter. Since then, other features have been perpetually listed as “Coming Soon” in the in-game tank customisation menu. However, while the wait has been long, the feature is finally coming to the game fully next week.

Battlefield 5 Tank Body Customisation in Update 6.2

When tank body customisation launches as part of Update 6.2, players will be able to personalise vehicles in three ways. Vehicles in your Company will have separate Chassis Dressing, Turret Dressing, and Paint Job sections; altogether allowing for a wide variety of potential combinations. Indeed, 37 different customisation pieces will be available for purchase with Company Coin initially, with more rotating through the Armoury. Like other skin items in the game, these items will also have rarity tiers. While most will be available for Company Coin, some Epic-tier items will be purchasable with Battlefield Currency.

DICE plans to add more tank customisation items to Battlefield 5 in the future. “We’ll continue adding customisation for the tanks as we progress along,” writes the studio; “there’s even rumours of ‘salad tanks’ coming to Battlefield V that have a cool feature where the foliage changes colour with the skin you apply. Keep an eye out for that!” Most likely, players can expect to see these items appear as weekly challenge or Chapter Rank rewards in upcoming Tides of War chapters.