How the New Battlefield 5 Vehicle Specialisations Work

One of the major new features coming in Battlefield 5 is the game’s new weapon specialisation system. It allows players to upgrade their firearms as they progress through the game in a way which doesn’t impact the visual appearance of the gun. While the system has received a lot of attention, there is actually a Battlefield 5 Vehicle Specialisation system as well; players will be able to upgrade and customise their vehicles. Cosmetic customisation options for vehicles will be a feature eventually as well, but won’t be available at launch.

The Panzer IV is Used as an Example of the Battlefield 5 Vehicle Specialisation System

The New Battlefield 5 Vehicle Specialisations

The Battlefield 5 Vehicle Specialisations can be unlocked in game by spending Company Coin; the in-game currency gained from playing Battlefield 5. Rather than clear improvements, DICE wants most specialisations to feel like utility effects, with both pros and cons for using them. They allow players to better tailor vehicles to suit their personal play-style. “You have a lot of choices to make when specialising your vehicle,” says DICE; “and it all comes down to the tactical situations you anticipate, the layout of the battlefield, and you gameplay preferences in general. The amount of gameplay-altering choices you can make to a single vehicle, and the gameplay significance of those choices, is something we hope you’ll appreciate.”

“Specialisations won’t make you invincible though,” clarifies the studio; “they are designed with balance in mind and won’t create disadvantages for new players going up against players who’ve already put in hundreds of game hours… If you’re piloting a fully-upgraded light tank, you’re still vulnerable to a squad of low-level players armed with Sticky Dynamite and Panzerfausts.”

The Example Battlefield 5 Vehicle Specialisations Tree

To give players an example of the Battlefield 5 Vehicle Specialisation Tree in action, DICE provides a look at that of the Panzer IV; a German medium tank. Like the weapon trees, the specialisations are divided between a left-hand tree and a right-hand tree. However, there are two additional specialisations which sit in a separate middle tree. According to DICE, the left-hand tree for vehicles tends to be useful for vehicle-to-vehicle combat.

Battlefield 5 Vehicle Specialisations Are Divided Into 3 Trees

  • Smoke Launchers: This replaces the tank’s default Smoke Generator with smoke grenade launchers on the turret. The driver can fire smoke grenades to create a smoke screen.
  • Armoured Skirts: The tank’s tracks become less vulnerable.
  • Pak 40 L/43: The Panzer IV’s default gun is replaced with a Pak 40 cannon. This has a slower rate of fire, but longer range and flatter shell trajectory.
  • Armour-Piercing Round: The tank gains a limited supply of high-damage shells with superior armour penetration.

On the other side, the right-hand tree will tend towards anti-infantry specialisations. Players will be able to choose freely from all trees as they upgrade their vehicle.

  • Zimmerit Paste: Enemy players can’t stick grenades and mines to the tank.
  • Flare Launcher: The tank gains turret-mounted launchers which can fire flares; spotting nearby enemies for a short time. This replaces the Panzer IV’s default Smoke Generator.
  • Improved Turret Transverse: The tank’s turret can rotate faster.
  • S-Mine Launcher: The tank gains launchers which fire air-bursting explosives in every direction; useful for clearing out infantry in very close range.

Finally, the central tree, which has only 2 specialisations:

  • Field Repair: This replaces the tank’s default Emergency Repair equipment. It grants a limited supply of repair equipment to fix tracks, engines, and turrets instantly.
  • Case Round: The tank can use shrapnel shells. These excel at close range against lightly-armoured targets.