Battlefield 5 Producer Says Vehicles in Upcoming Beta Have “Massive Depth”

Battlefield 5’s open beta is scheduled to begin next month, and DICE is planning several major changes from the recent closed alphas. The game’s multiplayer producer, David Sirland, recently responded to several fan questions about the game; specifically addressing vehicles. According to Sirland, the upcoming beta will feature some significant changes to vehicles and anti-vehicle options.

Battlefield 5 Vehicles in the Upcoming Beta

The Battlefield 5 Open Beta will begin on the 6th of September, with pre-loading starting on the 3rd. Fans who pre-ordered the title can start playing on the 4th, as can players with subscriptions to Origin Access Premier, Origin Access Basic, or EA Access. The event will be the first chance that many gamers have to experience Battlefield 5. The title recently won the Best Multiplayer Award at Gamescom 2018, overcoming its key rival, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. While some developers have discussed the notable changes and improvements to gunplay in the game already, David Sirland recently gave fans some indication of what is coming for vehicles.

According to Sirland, there will be “game changing changes” for land vehicles in the open beta. It sounds like DICE is ready to implement some changes, or perhaps make certain features accessible which weren’t a part of the closed alphas. Specifically, Sirland refers to “tanks and anti-tank gameplay” as getting notable improvements.

In response to a fan query about bullet penetration, Sirland also added that it would feature in the open beta, while being able to drag teammates is still in development. According to Sirland, bullet penetration is; “not setup everywhere correctly yet,” and there are some; “known minor issues in open beta”. As such, DICE will be hoping for feedback on that feature in particular.

Finally, the producer said that there were still features to come for Battlefield 5; “We have many things that we are going to continue to add to or expand post launch,” he states; “more info on that soon!” It has already been announced that vehicle cosmetic customization is one such feature which will be added post-launch.