Battlefield 5 War in the Pacific Trailer Coming Tomorrow

DICE has announced that the official Battlefield 5 War in the Pacific trailer will be released online tomorrow, the 23rd of October, at 6:00 AM PST. War in the Pacific is the title of the game’s fifth Tides of War chapter, but is also expected to be larger than previous chapters. It will be taking the game to the Pacific Theatre of the Second World War for the first time; a part of the war which fans have wanted to see since it launched last year.

The Upcoming Battlefield 5 War in the Pacific Trailer

The YouTube page for the Battlefield 5 War in the Pacific trailer is already available (see above). However, the trailer won’t be available to watch until tomorrow morning. In all likelihood, DICE will simultaneously release further written details about what players can expect to see in War in the Pacific, which is due to start shortly after the end of October. At present, DICE is holding the Battlefest event; a month-long event throughout October which serves to bridge the gap between Chapters 4 and 5 of Tides of War.

It’s currently unknown what exactly will be arriving in Battlefield 5 with War in the Pacific. The new content will introduce two in-game factions, the U.S. and Japan. However, things are less clear beyond that. It will doubtless include new maps set in the Pacific, although it’s not known how much new content of other sorts players can expect; i.e. new weapons, vehicles, etc. That sort of new content is certainly likely to go along with the new factions. However, its release may be staggered throughout Chapter 5 or made available initially through weekly challenge rewards.

Whatever the case, fans should be able to see for themselves when the trailer goes live tomorrow morning. War in the Pacific is expected to be Battlefield 5’s largest post-launch release since Firestorm. Indeed, it may end up being even larger than that. Certainly, there has been a great deal of fan outcry for the Pacific Theatre to feature in the game, and this will finally sate that wish.