Bethesda Reveals a Full 2019 Roadmap and Fallout 76 DLC

Following on from their latest update, Bethesda has now released its long-anticipated 2019 roadmap for Fallout 76 DLC. Although some of the upcoming content has already been teased, it looks as though the studio still had a lot under wraps. Announcing the roadmap reveal online, Bethesda thanked their fans for sticking with the game through its troubled launch; “Thanks to all of you for sticking with us,” they said; “we’ve been hard at work & have big plans for Fallout 76.”

Bethesda’s 2019 Roadmap for Fallout 76

Bethesda revealed their Fallout 76 DLC roadmap for 2019 on their official website, along with a post noting the numerous changes and improvements they have made since launch; “Thanks to your continuous feedback,” says the studio; “we have been able to fix many of the top issues and have made numerous improvements to the game. […] There’s still work to do, but we’re happy to report that game and server stability has increased over 300% since launch”; The letter then goes on to acknowledge the difficulties which have existed since launch, and reassure fans that they are dedicated to; “making this game the best it can be – and even more so, a platform for endless Fallout adventures for years to come.”

Fallout 76 DLC Roadmap 2019

The new Fallout 76 2019 Roadmap spans three seasons; Spring, Summer, and Fall, and each one has a major DLC content release, along with three smaller releases. (One of these is simply “new features” each season.) The first of these major releases is “Wild Appalachia,” which was announced very recently by Bethesda. Although nothing has been shown of the new content yet, it will apparently take the form of weekly PvE content releases. At the time, Bethesda referred to it as their; “first big content drop of the year.” Wild Appalachia will be accompanied by the launch of Survival Mode; the new PvP mode due to launch in beta soon, as well as unspecified new quests.

The second season will see the launch of a new game mode; “Nuclear Winter,” while “Wastelanders” will launch in the Fall. This third major release will include a whole new main quest and more. High-level “Vault Raids” will be coming in the Summer too, with the Fall features yet to be announced. Worth noting is that all Fallout 76 DLC will be free to download.