Bethesda Will Increase the Size of Your Fallout 76 Stash

The Fallout 76 BETA, which is set to come to an end tomorrow, has provided Bethesda with a wealth of player feedback. The studio has already begun to address some of the issues in a 30 GB update which was recently released, with more adjustments promised at launch on the 14th. The latest such promise concerns the Fallout 76 Stash, the storage option available to all players.

Bethesda Will Increase the Size of the Fallout 76 Stash

The Fallout 76 Stash is a part of the game’s C.A.M.P. system, giving players a place to store their excess items. By placing items in their Stash, players can carry around a large supply without affecting their encumbrance or leave them securely in their campsite. The trade-off is that these items can only be accessed by placing and opening the Stash box; you cannot access them via your normal inventory. The Stash cannot be accessed by other players in the game; ensuring that the items are kept safe wherever they are. Each player’s Stash has a weight limit of 400, however, and some BETA players are already running low on space.

The Fallout 76 Stash is Part of the CAMP System

Bethesda addressed this concern in a recent post on Reddit. Alongside other issues, Bethesda confirmed that they had heard players’ wishes when it came to Stashes. The studio has said that they will increase the Stash weight limit; “We’ve seen this one come up a lot and understand the frustration,” they said; “while the Stash size at 400 weight limit can get easier to deal with over time, we do plan on increasing it in the future.”

It’s unknown exactly when this change will be implemented; it could come to the game at launch, or after, but is likely to come sooner rather than later. It is likely to be a relatively simple adjustment to make, after all. Some fans have made suggestions like increasing the size as players reach higher levels; it’s possible that Bethesda could adopt such a system. The studio has certainly been open to suggestions from fans throughout the BETA. For now, players will have to wait and see.