Borderlands 3 Will Feature 25 Times as Many Guns as Borderlands 2

Thus far, Gearbox has made some fairly over-the-top, joking claims about the number of Borderlands 3 guns in their recent trailers. However, while there might not actually be ‘billions’ of them, there could still be an enormous number. The studio’s Senior Sound Designer recently released some information about the number of weapon firing sounds in the game. The figures suggest that there will be around 25 times as many guns in Borderlands 3 as there were in Borderlands 2!

There Could be Over 7,500 Different Borderlands 3 Guns

According to Joshua Davidson, Gearbox’s Senior Sound Designer, Borderlands 3 currently has around 7,500 “individual .wav files for the weapon firing sounds”. It’s unknown if each of these sounds is for an entirely different gun. That’s possible, but it may also be the case that some guns have more than one firing sound. Regardless, Davidson makes the comparison to Borderlands 2; he states that the older game only had around 300 such files at launch. Not only that, but Gearbox are still recording even more weapon firing sounds for Borderlands 3!

Given the many crazy ideas for guns and bullets coming in Borderlands 3, it’s no real surprise that they could produce a lot of noise. In a separate tweet, Davidson noted how many fans were replying to his tweets with requests for fart sounds as firing sounds; who knows if he’s taken those requests seriously or not? With Borderlands, you can’t really be sure, after all! They’ve already introduced a gun with legs, and apparently a gun which shouts insults at its targets too.

Borderlands 3 Guns 25 Times as Many as Borderlands 2 Guns

Fans will get their first look at the Borderlands 3 guns in action on the 1st of May. That’s the date when Gearbox will be holding their Borderlands 3 gameplay reveal livestream. The studio has already revealed the major arms manufacturers which will be returning to the series. (Including one new addition to the roster.) Additionally, the studio recently confirmed that a new radiation damage type will be replacing slag.