Here are the Bugs an Upcoming Apex Legends Update Will Fix

If you feel like you’ve been bogged down in bugs lately in Apex Legends, you are not alone. Respawn is aware of many of the bugs and glitches players have reported lately, and is actively working on fixes. In fact, an upcoming Apex Legends update should correct a number of these problems.

These Bugs Should Be Fixed by an Upcoming Apex Legends Update

Based on the “Investigating” section of the Trello developer board for Apex Legends, we can expect fixes forthcoming soon for the following bugs.

  • Extended timers for Challenges and treasure packs.
  • Octant can’t stim while in ADS.
  • Wraith being able to shoot in the downed state.
  • Octane stim makes you move fast while healing.
  • Mobile respawn beacon showing in other modes.
  • Wraith’s “Marble Goddess” skin doesn’t take headshot damage.
  • Caustic’s gas prevents reviving.
  • Revy – If death protection wears off during a revive, it cancels the revive.
  • If Death Protection activates while on a zipline or wall hanging, the player remains where they are.

Are these bugs going to be fixed when the next patch comes out? Possibly. Respawn isn’t specific about which patch will fix the problems, only that a forthcoming patch will do so. It could be the next one or one after that.

Additionally, these issues are under investigation, but the team hasn’t marked that a patch is ready:

  • Buzzing noise during gameplay.
  • Loading screens and music packs, appears to not get equipped viewing loadout menu (PS4).

Respawn recently released a patch which included the Lost Treasures update along with some weapon updates and Legend updates. Alas, this patch introduced a new glitch which makes it impossible to teleport with Loba. For more updates on bugs and patches, keep following our Apex Legends news. Don’t forget to report any new bugs you encounter promptly to Respawn so that the team can get to work on a solution.