Bungie Implies Destiny 3 Might Follow Shadowkeep

First off, let’s start with the original Destiny. Destiny 1 was released on September 9, 2014, PlayStation 4, Xbox One (next-gen consoles) and PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 (last-gen consoles) as well. Back then, Bungie didn’t release Destiny on PC. In total, Destiny had 4 expansions. After that, Bungie released Destiny 2 on next-gen consoles only and this time on PC as well. Now, they discussed the possibility of Destiny 3 coming in the future.

Expansions of Destiny

Destiny 2 The Black Garden Shadowkeep Destiny 3

The first expansion that was released in the Destiny universe was The Dark Below, which featured Crota, Son of Oryx as the main evil protagonist. After that, we’ve got House of Wolves and then The Taken King (which was a huge success for Destiny franchise). And then, Bungie released Rise of Iron as the final expansion for Destiny.

Fast-forwarding to Destiny 2, we currently have four expansions and a total of 7 seasons. Every season brings a new pinnacle weapon for Crucible, Vanguard, and Gambit. Talking about expansions, last expansion we received was Forsaken which was TTK-sized expansion. It contained a brand-new story featuring Queen Mara Sov, her brother Uldren Sov and the Ahamkara, Riven.

Destiny 3 Coming in the Future

Destiny 3 Dark Subclass Bungie

Recently, Polygon held an interview discussing why Bungie can’t just keep releasing content for the same game forever. It’s a really good question considering 80% of the community don’t want Destiny 3 to happen. Mark Noseworthy (General Manager) said:

“Destiny [2] is a huge game. We mean in terms of the scope of the game, that complexity, but also just the amount of space we take on people’s hard drives. [We] can’t really just grow the game infinitely, forever.”

This is because current-gen consoles can’t handle the disk space for a game like Destiny. Considering Destiny 2 is approximately 100 GB on consoles. So, for players who only have 500 GB of hard disk space, would only be able to enjoy 4 more Destiny-sized games.

Maybe this situation clears up with the next-gen consoles (PlayStation 5/Xbox Scarlett). What are your thoughts on this?

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep will release on September 17, 2019, for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, and later in November of Google’s Stadia.