Destiny 2: Every Known Exotic Coming in Shadowkeep

Bungie revealed Shadowkeep – an upcoming brand-new expansion in Destiny 2 with a Vex storyline. This expansion will dive in deep with the RPG stuff – bringing in Armor 2.0 and much more to the table. On top of that, we’ll be getting past raid bosses as Nightmares on Moon. Eris Morn will be the main protagonist in this expansion. The next season is called Season of the Undying which is pretty spooky considering Crota, Aksis, Skolas, etc are back.

On June 4, Bungie announced that Destiny 2 will finally feature Cross Save. This means players can play Destiny 2 on any platform they would like – without losing their progress in-game. This really is the biggest feature coming in Shadowkeep – considering a lot of Destiny players are not moving to PC because then, they would have to grind every single exotic, mission, etc, again from the start.

Shadowkeep – The Next Big Thing In Destiny 2

Armor 2.0 is also coming to Destiny 2 with Shadowkeep. This will allow players to apply mods to any piece of armor set they’d like. In the Bungie ViDoc released on June 4, 2019, they showed us some really cool looking and functioning exotics coming with Shadowkeep. In the Video Documentary, they teased an Exotic Heavy Bow and a new Exotic Hand Cannon with a scope. But that’s not all. we’ve got some other exotics teased as well. Here’s every exotic we’ve currently known coming in Shadowkeep.

Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo was one of the most favorite exotic weapons in D1. Every about this weapon – the way it looked, shot and its recoil pattern, was perfect. The ornaments for this weapon were also very slick. It will be back in Shadowkeep this September.


Heavy Exotic Bow

This was teased in the Bungie ViDoc with the Shadowkeep reveal. We don’t know much about this exotic weapon. The things we do know is that this Bow will be in Heavy Slot (meaning this weapon will use Heavy Ammo). This will be the first time Bungie has released a Heavy Exotic Bow in Destiny 2.


Exotic Trace Rifle

This weapon was also teased during the Bungie ViDoc. Its main perk is that it makes a huge Critical spot on the enemy target it hits. This will be used in PvE activities like Raids, Strikes, etc, at the Bosses.


Exotic Hand Cannon (with scope)

This is the first exotic hand cannon that comes with an actual scope. According to Bungie, this is a high-impact exotic hand cannon. But the thing is, if you fire this weapon more often, you’ll set yourself on fire and start taking burn damage.


No Time to Explain

There was a second of footage that showed us a glimpse of another returning exotic pulse rifle to Destiny 2 – No Time To Explain. This was The Stranger’s rifle when we first met her. And then in The Taken King, Bungie released this weapon in the game. It looks like this weapon will be back in Shadowkeep.


A Heavy Exotic Machine Gun

This one is the most mysterious of them all. According to Eric Newgard, this weapon consumes power from an insect, bug, etc. It’s a Heavy Machine Gun as well. We’ve actually got a little bit of gameplay of this weapon in action.


These are all the currently known exotics coming with Shadowkeep in Destiny 2.