Call of Duty 2020 May be Set During the Vietnam War

According to a new rumour, the upcoming Call of Duty 2020 game may actually be set during the Vietnam War, and not simply a reboot of the Black Ops series, as past rumours have claimed. In fact, it may be more akin to a Black Ops spin-off. The new rumour suggests that it might still be part of the Black Ops series, but with the title; ‘Call of Duty: Vietnam’.

The Latest Call of Duty 2020 Rumours

The source of this new rumour is noted gaming journalist Jason Schreier, who was asked about the upcoming Call of Duty 2020 game on Twitter. “I’m not a COD person,” he writes; “so I don’t know anything about all the lore shenanigans or what it really means to be a Black Ops game, but one title I’ve heard thrown around a couple of times is just ‘COD: Vietnam.’ As far as I know it’s part of the Black Ops series though? Not sure.”

Call of Duty 2020 Vietnam Setting Rumour 2

In the past, rumours relating to the as-yet-unannounced Call of Duty 2020 have suggested that the game will be a reboot of the Black Ops series; presumably in a similar manner to how last year’s Modern Warfare was a ‘soft reboot’ of the Modern Warfare series. However, Schreier did go on to say that; “I don’t think it’s a reboot”. If the game’s title is indeed ‘Call of Duty: Vietnam,’ then that sounds more like a standalone game. Of course, with a more limited connection to Black Ops, fans may find that it’s more of a spin-off than a reboot.

Taking the game back to Vietnam would be an interesting change of setting. However, it would also make a lot of sense for a Black Ops spin-off. After all, Black Ops originally began during the Cold War, and the older setting would certainly help to differentiate it from Modern Warfare and Warzone. For now, fans will have to wait and see. The game will be launching later this year, meaning that an announcement has to come soon. However, with almost all major gaming events cancelled due to COVID-19, it’s unknown when Activision might announce it. (Not to mention that the game’s release date may currently be up in the air due to the virus.)