“Another Big Wave of Fixes” Coming in the Next Fallout 76 Patch

Bethesda’s first Fallout 76 patch this month addressed more than 150 different bugs and problems. Hot on its heels, however, is a second patch which is due to release later in January. Now, Bethesda has given fans some details about what will be included in that upcoming update. According to the studio, players should expect it by the end of the month, and it will include; “another big wave of fixes.”

What Features Will be in the Fallout 76 Patch Coming Later This Month

Bethesda recently released the latest post in their ongoing ‘Inside the Vault‘ news blog. In the post, which also included a message about Fallout 76 exploits, Bethesda detailed some of the changes which players can expect to see in Patch 5; the major game update coming at the end of the month. The studio also thanked fans for the continued feedback; “Early feedback from all of you on the latest patches has been very positive. It continues to help us to squash bugs with Super Sledge-like authority in future updates. Keep the awesome feedback coming – it’s making a big difference!”

Another Big Wave of Fixes Coming in Fallout 76 Patch

While the full patch notes for the next update aren’t yet available, Bethesda does highlight two key areas which will see changes in Patch 5. Firstly, a fix is on its way so that players won’t accidentally scrap weapon and armour mods. The fix will ensure that any loose mods have to be scrapped manually. The other area concerns the game’s Two-Shot and Explosive Legendary Mods. These will both receive balancing alterations in Patch 5; “We know that there has been some frustration over how powerful these mods are,” says Bethesda; “particularly when combined and used in player vs. player combat. With Patch 5, the damage bonus for Two Shot Legendary modded weapons has been reduced from +100% to +25% damage. The Explosive Legendary mod has a reduced damage bonus, now adding +20% of the base weapon damage with explosive radius damage instead of +100%.”

Bethesda hasn’t yet said exactly when Patch 5 will be launching. At present, it sounds as though players can expect the next large game update towards the end of January. More complete patch notes should also release shortly before the launch of the patch.