Curse of the Vampire Coast’s Most Horrifying New Unit

Following the video released last week showcasing the new Necrofex Colossus, Creative Assembly has released another new unit video. This latest video highlights the Mourngul, a smaller monstrous unit from Total War: Warhammer 2’s Curse of the Vampire Coast DLC. Although smaller than the Colossus, it is quite possibly the most horrifying new unit in the upcoming expansion.

The Mourngul in Curse of the Vampire Coast

“The Mournguls’ desperate hunger drives their half-torn bodies across the battlefield in search of another victim to feed upon,” says the narrator; “with their mangled torsos revealing a gaping wound where their stomachs once sat, gore and organs hanging from the rotting cavity. The proportions of their bodies are warped and twisted, dragging them towards their prey, before devouring men whole between a hanging jaw lined with rows of needle-sharp teeth”

Mournguls are a new monstrous unit available to the Vampire Coast faction. They come in two varieties; a full unit of the horrible undead, and a larger Hero version of the monster called a Mourngul Haunter. These terrifying monstrosities are fast and able to use the Stalk ability; letting them approach their foes hidden from their vision. Although they are smaller than other new Vampire Coast monstrous units like the Necrofex Colossus or Rotting Leviathan, those other monsters don’t quite match the terrifying design of this horror. Few things in all of Total War: Warhammer 2 can match them in this area, in fact.

The Mourngul Haunter is a Hero Variant of the New Unit

The unit is likely to see plenty of use in multiplayer, and in the game’s campaign, they feature improvements under the leadership of Cylostra Direfin; one of the four Vampire Coast Legendary Lords. Cylostra’s “Conjuration Through Hate” Unique Skill boosts both the recruitment rank and hero capacity of Mourngul Haunters. Moreover, her “Emerging Terror” Unique Skill boosts the physical resilience of any Mourngul unit in her army.