Dark Matter NBA 2K21 Heroes Cards Arrive for Michael Jordan, Zion Williamson in MyTeam

The first-ever Dark Matter NBA 2K21 Heroes cards have officially become available for MyTeam mode. These new cards which are part of MyTeam Season 5: Age of Heroes honor one of the all-time greats, and a player who may be one in the future. There’s a 99 overall card available for the legendary Michael Jordan, and one for rising star Zion Williamson. These are in addition to several other superstars that are part of the promotion.

Dark Matter NBA 2K21 Heroes arrive for All-Star Pantheon

Just a few days ahead of the 2021 All-Star Game, Dark Matter NBA 2K21 Heroes arrived with the announcements on social media. NBA 2K revealed the Michael Jordan and Zion Williamson cards, which feature 99 OVR ratings, upgraded attributes, and plenty of Badges.

For example, Air Jordan has 96 Outside Scoring, 95 Athleticism, 94 Inside Scoring, 92 Playmaking, and 94 Defending. He also brings 21 Gold and 39 Hall of Fame Badges, according to his MTDB listing.

Zion Williamson will get to participate in his first All-Star Game this coming Sunday. His newly-upgraded MyTeam card features 96 Inside Scoring and Athleticism, 97 Rebounding, 93 Defending, 93 Outside Scoring, and 91 Playmaking. Zion also has 27 Gold and 40 Hall of Fame Badges on this Pantheon All-Star release.

Check out the official reveal trailer for Dark Matter NBA 2K21 Heroes as well as other featured players such as dunkmaster supreme, Vince Carter.

Available Pantheon All-Star players:

  • Michael Jordan SG/SF 99 OVR
  • Zion Williamson SF/PF 99 OVR
  • Vince Carter SG/SF 98 OVR
  • Magic Johnson PG/SG 97 OVR
  • Paul George PF/SF 97 OVR
  • Desmond Mason SG/SF 96 OVR
  • Dale Ellis SG/SF 96 OVR
  • Shawn Kemp PF/C 94 OVR
  • Quentin Richardson SG/SF 94 OVR
  • Dwight Howard C 91 OVR
  • Brent Barry SF/SG 91 OVR
  • Tim Legler SG/PG 89 OVR
  • Spud Webb PG/SG 88 OVR

Check out full card details over at MTDB database. Also check the clip below to see what Dark Matter card animation is like.

Locker Codes arrive with new promotion

As with other NBA 2K21 promotions, new Locker Codes arrived on the day of the All-Star drop. The Locker Code below gives gamers a shot at a Pantheon: All-Star Pack possibly including one of the Dark Matter NBA 2K21 Heroes. Alternately, it’s possible to score a Badge Pack or three MyTeam Tokens.

Simply head into the MyTeam mode and the Settings/Extras menu area. From there, choose Locker Codes and enter the code below with dashes included.

Another Locker Code arrived online heading into the NBA 2K21 MyTeam tournament finals this weekend. With the code below, gamers have a shot at Inferno, IDOLS Series: II AD, Quantum, or any Throwback Moments Pack.

If that wasn’t enough already, there will be more NBA 2K21 Locker Code reveals during the tournament finals, based on the tweet 2K sent out. Gamers can watch it to get the codes and another big announcement for MyTeam, starting at 3 p.m. Pacific Time (6 p.m. Eastern) on the Twitch.tv/nba2k channel.

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