Destiny 2: New Shadowkeep Footage Teased at GuardianCon 2019

Just like every year, GuardianCon returns this year with Bungie having a Booth for the first time. Since yesterday, GuardianCon has been going strong with Destiny content creators and Bungie developers. With the upcoming expansion Shadowkeep, the community can’t wait to get their hands on the new weapons, armor, and raid.

New Shadowkeep Teaser Shown at GuardianCon

As we all know, Shadowkeep is the next big thing for Destiny – and is also the turning point for Bungie too. With the expansion, they are moving towards more with RPG aspect of the game than the Action-FPS. They first revealed Shadowkeep on June 4, 2019, and announced that Destiny 2 will be coming to Google’s Stadia as well once it releases this fall in November.

Another really cool thing, Cross Save. Bungie also announced that Cross Save will finally be happening in Destiny. This means you can play on any platform anytime without losing your progress at all. Destiny 2 will also be shifting from (Blizzard’s App) to Steam and players on PC will be able to migrate their accounts for free.

Yesterday, at GuardianCon, Bungie teased yet another trailer for Shadowkeep revealing the inside of the Moon. And to be honest, the red touch to all that Hive-infrastructure actually looks pretty dope. Take a look at the trailer below:

Keep in mind, this expansion is not about the Hive but about the Vex. We will see most of our past enemies like Dominus Ghaul, Oryx, Crota, Skolas, Atheon as Nightmares. And the actual raid takes place in The Black Garden – you can learn everything about it here.

Talking about PvE, Bungie also discussed the possibility of adding more strikes in Destiny 2. At this point, we all know that one of the fan-favorite PvP map Window’s Court is returning in Destiny 2 with Shadowkeep as well.

Bungie did say that they are not abandoning the PvP part of the game but making it more strong at first is their first priority as of now. So, there will be no Trials of the Nine (or Osiris) in the near future (but who knows).