Destiny 2: How To Cheese Bad Juju and its Catalyst

Bad Juju was a fan-favorite Destiny 1 Exotic Pulse rifle. The reason it was famous among the Destiny community was that it had a unique perk. This perk is called String of Curses. This perk allows the weapon to reload automatically after each kill. Above that, this weapon also increases weapon damage and helps get your Super faster.

Yesterday, Bungie re-released this weapon in Destiny 2 with a complete new questline and a brand new activity Tribute Hall. Through, Tribute Hall, you can acquire this weapon and its catalyst as well. For the weapon, you need to place 18 tributes – and for its catalyst, you need 45 tributes placed in the Tribute Hall.

Destiny 2 Cheese Bad Juju

How to Cheese Bad Juju and its Catalyst

Reddit user KBird247 found a cheese that allows you to get this weapon and its catalyst fairly easily – without spending most of your materials in the Tribute Hall. Here’s what he has to say:

  1. On one character, start the Invitation from the Emperor quest by going to the barge on Nessus and opening the chest next to Werner.
  2. On the same character, go to the Tribute Hall, and approach the emperor statue. Pick one of his bounties and complete it.
  3. On the same character, return to the Tribute Hall, and approach the emperor statue again to further the quest.
  4. At this point, the emperor will give you a tribute to deposit at the door. It is signified by the diamond indicator. DO NOT PLACE THE TRIBUTE.
  5. Switch characters.
  6. On your second character, load into the Tribute Hall.
  7. Place the tribute by the door, on your second character.
  8. On your second character, go to orbit.
  9. On your second character, repeat steps 6-8 as desired.

As mentioned, you can repeat this process indefinitely until you acquire the weapon and the catalyst (and the emote too – on 50 tributes). It’s been only a day since the quest was made available, and players already found a way to cheese Bad Juju.

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep comes with brand new missions, raid, and more activities. It will be releasing on September 17, 2019, on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC – and later this year on Google’s Stadia.