Destiny 2: How to Complete the Opening Black Armory Quest

Destiny 2’s Black Armory expansion is now live, affording owners of the game’s Annual Pass some new gameplay opportunities. However, unlocking access to those opportunities requires the completion of a surprisingly lengthy opening mission. In this guide, we’ll outline all the steps of the opening quest and how to efficiently complete them.

Destiny 2 Black Armory Opening Mission Walkthrough

The Black Armory opening quest trigger is located down in the Tower’s previously closed off annex. After speaking with the expansion’s new NPC vendor, Ada-1, you’ll receive a weapon frame which requires some calibration. To calibrate the frame, you have to complete a series of milestones which are gated into specific groups. Most of the milestones are divided into pairs, and they’re all laid out below.

Kill Fallen and find a weapon core in the EDZ

These crates contain the weapon cores for Black Armory's opening quest.

The first series of milestones involves killing Fallen in the EDZ and taking the ether items they drop. You also have to find a weapon core from a special chest that spawns in the EDZ’s Outskirts and Gulch. The chests usually spawn with a group of Fallen around them so keep your eyes peeled.

Kill Hive with power weapons

For the next series of milestones you have to kill Hive and rack up multikills with power weapons. Both goals can be completed easily if you travel to a Hive-themed lost sector like those on Titan. Another potential option is starting up an Escalation Protocol on Mars. Also, if you’re struggling with finding power ammo, try using a sword. Even with no ammo you can still perform a less-effective sword melee that counts as a power weapon kill.

Kill powerful enemies with power weapons

This step appears pretty grindy at first, but there’s a way to up the efficiency considerably. What you want to do is travel to the Leviathan raid on Nessus. At the start of the raid there’s a group of Cabal guards who won’t attack you until you strike first. There are seven guards in total and their orange health bars mean they all count as powerful enemies. Once they’re all dead, you can exit and re-enter the raid to respawn them, no need to reset any checkpoints.

Collect Radiant Seeds

For the next step you might as well keep using the Leviathan strategy. Radiant Seeds are dropped by powerful enemies, but they’re not guaranteed drops. This means that, if you’re doing the Leviathan strategy, you might get five seeds in one run, or one seed. Just keep at it and you’ll eventually get all the seeds you need.

Complete the Volundr Forge

The final step in the opening quest is to complete the Volundr Forge activity. Unfortunately, the recommended power level for the forge is 610. This means that even the most dedicated Destiny 2 players will have to up their power level before attempting it. Once the forge is complete, the opening Black Armory quest will finally be done.