Destiny 2: How to Earn Gambit Prime Armor Pieces

Destiny 2’s new Season of the Drifter added some spiffy new armor sets into the game. However, these new armor sets are specifically tied to the new Joker’s Wild-exclusive game mode Gambit Prime.

Interestingly enough, playing Gambit Prime isn’t the main method through which you earn Gambit Prime armor. In this guide we’ll explain the cyclical process for building up a full Gambit Prime armor set.

Unlocking Destiny 2’s Gambit Prime Armor Sets

Destiny 2 how to earn Gambit Prime armor

Earning Gambit Prime armor requires that you shift back and forth between Gambit Prime and The Reckoning. For those who don’t know, The Reckoning is a pinnacle PvE experience which closely ties into Gambit Prime via Synths. Synths, in turn, are a new item type earned by completing Gambit Prime matches and bounties.

When you earn a Synth you’ll notice it’s attached to one of the four Gambit Prime combat roles. Those four roles are as follows:

  • Reaper – Fighting PvE enemies
  • Collector – Gathering Motes
  • Sentry – Fighting Taken enemies
  • Invader – Invading and killing the enemy team

Synthesize and Wager

As part of the opening Season of the Drifter questline players can earn their very own Synthesizer. This Synthesizer is then used to convert Synths into synthesized Motes. With a synthesized Mote in hand, it’s time to head over to The Reckoning. At the start of a Reckoning attempt players can wager a synthesized Mote at the starting mote bank. If the attempt is successful, the player receives an armor piece matching the Synth’s combat role. If not, the player can reclaim their Mote and try again.

Sadly, there’s no way to determine which armor piece you earn so duplicates are a possibility. Those who want a full combat role armor set should first gather the appropriate Synths in Gambit Prime. The Drifter also offers weekly Synthesizer upgrade bounties. These bounties are worth completing not just because they upgrade your Synthesizer (and thus enable higher tier mote synthesis). Completing an upgrade bounty also awards a Gambit Prime armor piece for a specific slot.

Throughout the month of March higher Reckoning difficulty tiers will unlock. This in turn will enable more powerful armor acquisitions via enhanced mote synthesis and wagering. The challenge will be greater, but so will the reward.