Destiny 2: How to Win in Gambit Prime

Destiny 2’s newly available Gambit Prime game mode differs drastically from the standard Gambit experience. However, players who achieve victory in Gambit Prime can unlock some sweet new armor for their efforts. In this guide we’ll provide a few tips and strategies for dominating in the new Gambit Prime arena.

Destiny 2 Gambit Prime Tips

Destiny 2 Gambit Prime tips

While Gambit Prime has the same basic structure as standard Gambit, it also has some noticeable differences. Unlike standard Gambit’s three-round structure, Gambit Prime is played over one long, drawn out round. It can take a little while to acclimate to this new format, but being properly prepared can help.

Take Out Blockers Quickly

If two or more blockers are active on your team’s side, they’ll drain motes from your bank. Even if the enemy team drops a single blocker try to take it out as quickly as possible. If you can kill the blocker before another shows up, you’ll have saved your team some extra mote-gathering effort.

Deploy Multiple Blockers At Once

Conversely, try to hold off on summoning your own blockers until you see a teammate doing the same. Quickly dropping multiple blockers is a great way to send the enemy team scrambling. They’ll need to pause their own mote-gathering efforts to deal with the blockers draining their motes. Dropping a small and large blocker is a good strategy since small blockers can actually shield their compatriots.

Envoys First, Then Primevals

When you begin the Primeval fight it will be immune to damage by default. You have to slay the Primeval Envoys to make the Primeval vulnerable so find and kill them quickly. Also, the Primeval is only vulnerable to damage for a limited time. Once the time window expires, you’ll need to slay a fresh wave of Envoys. Fortunately, each Envoy wave you slay makes the Primeval more and more vulnerable to your damage.

Stand on the Well of Light

Whenever a Primeval becomes vulnerable, a marked Well of Light also appears. Make sure to stand in the Well of Light since it grants a noticeable damage boost. The Well of Light’s countdown icon also indicates the Primeval’s total vulnerability time limit.