Destiny 2: How to Efficiently Unlock the Oxygen SR3 Pinnacle Weapon

Destiny 2’s Season of the Drifter includes a new series of pinnacle weapons for players to earn. We recently covered each pinnacle weapon’s unlock conditions based on its associated activity (Gambit, Crucible, and Strikes). These new weapons are supposed to be gradually unlocked throughout the season, but who has time for waiting? Using a very specific method, players can unlock the Oxygen SR3 pinnacle weapon in a matter of hours.

Destiny 2 Oxygen SR3 Fast Unlock Steps

Destiny 2 Oxygen SR3 unlock guide

Full credit goes to Redditor FairlyOddParent734 for coming up with the below efficient unlock method. Before you begin the below process, know that you’ll need some friends and a whole lot of patience. If you don’t mind hunkering down for a few hours, though, then read on.

As we mentioned in our previous post, there are three goals associated with unlocking the Oxygen SR3 pinnacle weapon:

  • Grinding roughly 75 Strikes
  • Generating 500 Orbs of Light in Strikes
  • Scoring 1,000 precision kills in Strikes

We’ll address each goal separately below.

Grinding Strikes

Grinding through 75 standard Strikes sounds rough no matter which way you slice it. Thankfully, standard Strikes aren’t your only option. Nightfall Strike completions grant a noticeable 5.5 percent completion as opposed to a standard Strike’s one percent. This means it only takes about 18 Nightfall Strikes to fill the gauge.

Coordinated three-person Strike teams can finish the Strange Terrain Nightfall Strike in as little as 5-6 minutes. This is mainly accomplished by equipping the Wardcliff Coil weapon and utilizing the Arc and Heavyweight Strike modifiers. If you can get a solid rhythm going, you can clear the Strikes step in as little as two hours.

Generating Orbs of Light

Manually set your console’s date and time to one day ahead. This handy trick allows you to matchmaking into Strikes all by yourself. Load into The Corrupted Strike with a pair of Masterworked weapons (Kinetic and Energy). Then, turn left when you spawn into the Strike and head down into the Blind Well.

Trigger the Blind Well and use the Harmony Orbs from the Auxiliary Wells to quickly build up your super. Scoring multikills with your Masterworked weapons also generates Orbs of Light. You’ll want to utilize persisting area-of-effect supers like Shadowshot or Well of Radiance as opposed to roaming supers. Keep doing this until you reach 500 Orbs of Light generated.

Alternatively you can just load into a public version of The Corrupted Strike and ignore your teammates. It’s a bit of a jerk move but still technically feasible. If your Nightfall friends don’t mind waiting around they can also load in and just let you farm kills.

Scoring precision Kills

You can earn the precision kills during the same process as generating Orbs of Light. It naturally helps if your Masterworked weapons are precision-based like hand cannons or scout rifles. Auto rifles with low recoil are also a good option since they usually have large clips.