Destiny 2: Leaks Suggest Another Solar Exotic Rocket Launcher Coming

A lot of stuff has been data-mined yesterday after the weekly reset in Destiny 2. Bungie clearly added a ton of new dialogues and text files in the database yesterday. Some of them are related to Tribute Hall, some are for Moments of Triumph and there is a section called Other – which requires us to find rocket launcher components.

If we take a look at OG Destiny’s Solar Rocket Launcher, there were two of them. One is obviously, Gally a.k.a Gjallarhorn (Iron Gjallarhorn in Rise of Iron) and the other is Dragon’s Breath.

Exotic Rocket Launcher Destiny 2

Exotic Rocket Launcher – Gjallarhorn or Dragon’s Breath?

The main perk on Gjallarhorn is Wolfpack Rounds (Rounds fired from this weapon split into tracking cluster missiles upon detonation.) On the other hand, Dragon’s Breath has Napalm (Release trigger after weapon fire to drop a Solar Damage napalm canister.)

Both of these Rocket Launchers were very lethal in PvE – and that’s what the community loved about them. Gally became one of the most fan-favorite rocket launchers in Destiny.

According to data-mined files, it says:


  • Scattered pieces of a greater whole.
  • Rocket Launcher Components

As we can see, we’ll be finding Rocket Launcher Components later this month (hopefully). Recently, an exotic Pulse Rifle has also been data-mined too. Bungie usually tends to re-release only one Destiny 1 Exotic per season. But who knows, maybe we’ll get two exotics this season. Not to mention, we will be getting 7/7 that is Bungie Day and is celebrated across the Studio.

For Solar Week, here’s what we can find in the leaked files.

Solar Week

…has swept the system, imbuing all Guardians with enhanced Solar energy. In response, Lord Saladin has declared a week of celebration.

  • 뉢 Many Solar subclass paths have been refreshed and improved. Visit for more details.
  • 뉢 Many Tower vendors are offering bounties to Solar-wielders. Complete them in style by participating in Solar Singe activities.
  • 뉢 New Solar-themed emotes are now available at the Eververse store.

We don’t know what swept the system as of now. But looks like this week is tied to Lord Saladin (Iron Banana guy, Lord Saladbar). What do you think about this? Which Rocket Launcher would you rather have, Gjallarhorn or Dragon’s Breath?